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    Saturday, June 25, 2011

    Philippine Women's Volleyball Team Lost to Indonesia in 12th AWCVC: Failed To Get 7th Place Finish

    Photo courtesy of Rachelle Ann Daquis' Facebook Fan Page.

    June 25, 2011-This is the final game of our Philippine Women's Volleyball Team in the 12th Asian Women's Club Volleyball Championship (AWCVC) and they had to face Indonesia to determine who will occupy the 7th place in the tournament. Going into the game, both of the teams are win-less and each of the them certainly wants to win and wants to finish the tournament at least at 7th place.

    At the start of the game, the Philippine Team seemed to have the advantage over Indonesia because they are older than the Indonesians. Indonesia has a 16-year old player in their line-up and judging by their looks, they really look younger than the Philippine team. That young player's name is Sugandi. But as the game develops, the Indonesians proved me wrong because they seemed to have better plays than our team. Our weak reception was still our biggest problem all tournament long even against the Indonesians. Even if our team made the adjustment of putting Ms. Dahlia Cruz in the back row as their libero. But with this adjustment our team was able to get the 3rd set from the Indonesians.

    The same story haunted our team in this game. In the first set, the score was 25-21 in favor of Indonesia. Again, it was only Rachel Ann Daquis who showed a tremendous amount of effort and an incommensurable courage to help her team in scoring and in receiving the ball from the Indonesians. She may not receive the MVP award of the tournament but for me she's already an MVP. I'm sure she will get what is due for her in the future because that's just the law of nature. Plant good efforts today and tomorrow you'll get the fruits of your labor. Going back into the game, as you can see, the score was a bit close in the first set. We were able to make some runs, but Indonesia was able to maintain their lead because of our poor reception.

    In the second set the score was in favor of Indonesia, 25-17. We tried to chase their lead but they were able to score some back breaking service aces. All in all they had 4 service aces in this game. That's how bad our service reception is. Indonesia's service specialist seemed to be targeting one of the Carolino sisters. Her plan worked.

    In the third set, our team showed a bit of fighting spirit as they made a valiant effort to get the lead from Indonesia. We were able to get back into the game after being down by 8 points, 16-8 in the early part of the 3rd set. Rachel Ann Daquis was the one who worked the hardest in this set. She was scampering all over the court just to receive the ball. Her efforts paid off as they won the 3rd set. This is the first ever set that our team won in the tournament. Daquis really showed that she doesn't want to just lose to Indonesia without a fight. She probably know that if we will lose against them, that will be their first time to beat the Philippines. Daquis doesn't want that to happen as she doubled her effort to give to us this set. The final set score was 28-26 in favor of the Philippines.

    And so the game went up to the 4th set. This is our first taste of a 4-setter game in the tournament. Sadly, we lost in this all important set via 25-18. Daquis and her teammates were too tired to compete in the 4th set. As a result, we lost against Indonesia and they were able to finish the 12th AWCVC in the 7th place.

    The efforts of Daquis were not completely wasted because when the camera man focused his camera to the stands I saw that the people who watched our game was smiling and they look happy. I believe that our team won the hearts of the viewers because they showed that they have the potential to be a great team and that they didn't go down without a fight. We may be at 8th place but still we were able to make a statement that the Philippines is back in the world of volleyball after almost 5 years of absence in the international tournaments. I'm sure that we'll get back at those teams who beat us in this tournament. We'll have train double time and we'll have to include younger and more athletic players in the Philippines Volleyball Team in preparation for the 2011 SEA Games on November.

    The complete set scores:

    25-21, 25-17, 28-26, and 25-18


    Anonymous said...

    He may not receive the MVP award of the tournament but for me she's already an MVP.-I guess you are referring to Rachel, so it should be "SHE". Thanks for the update. You have a good job!

    Anonymous said...

    you got that right! she may not have any mvp plum under her wing, but she played in vietnam like she has been a seasoned international competitor. some players whom i expected to deliver failed to do so. nai-prove lang nito na mababa lang talaga ang level of play natin dito. nevetheless, i still congratulate them for their effort. proud na proud lang ako kay daquis!haha

    Anonymous said...

    sure rachel may have contributed the most number of points for the team (we'll give her that), but to say that she was the only one who contributed to the team is downright disrespectful to the other members of the team. i don't know if you noticed, but carolino chipped in a number of points as well (which in my opinion had more or less equaled the output of daquis, only the difference is that we're swooned by the latter's better aesthetics). roces even got a few points, albeit sporadically throughout the game. okay disclaimer: i am not hating on rachel. i think she is a talented volleyball player with admirable skills and an amazing look to boot.

    my point is that it is just frustrating for people to claim that it was only daquis who didn't want to hand over the game to the indonesians. of course nobody signed up for that tournament TO LOSE. in fact, wasn't it smart decision on the setter's part to give most of the balls to daquis because similarly she wanted the team to win - not solely because daquis was the only one who wanted to win? thought so.

    Anonymous said...

    Indonesia will be competing again this September for the Senior's cup. 14 countries will be playing except the Philippines. While other countries are prioritizing foreign meets, the Philippine team is missing out so much. After the September Senior's cup, expect Indonesia to come out as a more experienced & more competitive team. How ever hard a team may train, everything is useless if the team doesn't get foreign exposure. In training, you gain physical & technical skills but in international competitions, you also gain mental toughness as you play under pressure amidst a hostile crowd. The Philippine team is still in training mode but other Asian teams have been in competitive mode in the past 7 years. The team needs more financial support to sustain their international campaigns.

    Anonymous said...

    how can one say na disrespectful to say na si RAD ang constant na nagco-contribute sa mga laro nila??? nkita niyo ba talaga ang mga games nila?? nakita niyo ba kung paano panghinaan ng loob si balse at roces??? nakita niyo ba kung paano nababantayan si m9 carolino??? hindi ko lang maintindihan kung bakit yung ibang mga fans eh hindi talaga matanggap na si RAD talaga ang nagdala ng team?!

    ok, let's say na those people did really contribute points SPORADICALLY, well hey! ilang beses ba ang mga taong ito (balse,roces) na nabigyan ng mvp awards dito??? and sporadically is not what we expect from them! and you expect us to give them the "RESPECT" such as what RAD has gained in this competition??? hell no! they were downright disappointing!

    kung sana eh nagpakita sila ng enthusiasm sa game, yun bang hindi susuko kahit na malayo na ang lamang ng kalaban eh ok sana eh! kaso nakita ko lang yon kay maizo at daquis and minsan kay m9! so sana tanggapin niyo na lng na some players we expected to perform well we're disappointing!

    Anonymous said...

    yung cahadeopinion parang napressure mag inggles yata don sa nireplyan niya. yan tuloy kung anu ano na ang pinagsasabi. ahahaha

    Cole said...

    Totally agee on cahadeopinion. Highlighting daquis' exemplary performance is in no way to malign the skills of other rp players. So much is just expected from the likes of balse, roces, and even maizo. They could not even decently receive an easy serve. Maizo, balse and roces had several service reception errors. Thats too much coming from seasoned mvp awardees.

    M9 played decently, but we saw how much she was struggling to penetrate the blockings of much younger indonesians.

    It was only daquis who kept them going, cheering in every point. she was the top scorer, had some fair blocking, and was digging balls from indonesians. She was overall player. To say that daquis carried the rp team against indonesia is not an overstatement. And i think even the rp coaches would agree.

    Anonymous said...

    Guys, do you have any link where i can watch any game of our RP women's team?

    chris_roldan said...

    dapat ang first six nyan ay: tabaquero maizo alarca mercado din2x santiago at dimaculangan..second sina shaira gonzales,semana..so far sila ung complete package. SPIKES SPEED VERTICAL LEAP BRAIN ATHLETICISM..BOBO ANG COACH,,DAPAT KAGAYA NUNG EXECUTION NG DLSU LADY SPIKERS LAST 73 SEASON.

    Anonymous said...

    My opinion, why not try to get a professional , really prof, coach, yung may alam sa bagong technic sa laro, like sa AZKAL, sana wala nang politika, at hypocrites, tanggapin nating di pa sapat ang kaalaman ng mga locak coaches natin,, sayang ang talento ng mga Phil. volleyball players, kumukupas na lang sila, sana makilala rin tayo internationally,

    Anonymous said...

    bka naman gusto mu c "DAQUIS" n lng lhat mglaro? sya na lang ung starting "six", sya lahat? hahahahaha
    not very obvious a "DAQUIS or FEU fan" no te?

    Anonymous said...

    i think they should change their line up to more aggressive and younger RP players whether sa UAAP or NCAA...
    why dont get statistics from UAAP,NCAA and V-LEAGUE..then sum it up to get the top players in every department ryt? that's just fair i believe!!!
    then we will have to get support from fans esp. finances, they also have to be train in international court and have drills with intl team, db me connection narin tyo sa thailand bec of imports/guest players? "practice makes perfect!" go go go RP team!

    Anonymous said...

    Philippines lost to Indonesia or against any team because we don't have good players for offense..It's better putting players like Gonzales, Morada from FEU, Maio, Balse from UST, Steph Mercado from La Salle, Dahlia Cruz from LYcem. Soriano, and so on..a lot of good playesrs to choose from and to be trained ...Mali mga players pinaglaro jan..Pati coach bobo rin..

    Anonymous said...


    gbartable said...

    ung ibang players na gus2 nyong isama sa RP team, tanungin nyo muna cla kung gus2 b nilang sumama sa RP? allowance ata ng isang RP volleyball athlete is 6k lng a month... tapos wala pang maayos na training... obviously hindi tinututukan ng PSC ang volleyball. Even sa basketball matindi na ang corruption. Magagaling ang nasa line up na ito ng RP ngayon kaso hindi sila trained for international competition. Un ang kulang. Proper training. konti lang ata ang mainstay sa national team natin.. almost every year paiba iba.. panu cla magkakaron ng team work? kung napanuod nyo lahat ng game nila, talagang ung performance ni daquiz ang nangibabaw hindi dahil mas magaling xa sa ibang kasama nya, sa tournament na ito naipakita nya kc ung passion nya sa volleyball hindi para lang manalo.

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