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    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    Champion Swimmer Penny Palfrey Set New Swimming Record for a Solo and Unassisted Ocean Swimming

    A former British champion swimmer pushed her self to the limit as she braved the tides in the ocean just to set a new record in solo ocean swimming in the Cayman Islands without any assistance or help. The brave swimmer's name is Penny Palfrey.

    She swam 108km in between the Cayman Island and the Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean Sea. She did that in just 4o hours and 41 minutes in a continuous fashion. With that, she was able to break the 101km record that was set years ago.

    She showed her courage when 4 shark came near to her while she was doing the swimming record, but she pushed through despite the inner fear and physical exhaustion.

    After she broke the individual solo-swimming record, she was immediately brought to the hospital to receive medical treatment. The 48 year old swimmer had her mouth and tongue swelling after she broke the record.


    wendy freeman said...

    it is mentioned above that 4 sharks came near her while swimming, it's fails to mention at least 2 of these sharks were butchered to get them out of her way. Is breaking a world record that important to someone that endangered species have to be killed?

    Reported in the Cayman Compass newpaper:


    Anonymous said...

    Wendy, that story by a photojournalist who has no pictures was investigated and found to be false. Evidently she is the only one who wrote about the killings and not one of the 26 other people on the boat (not including Penny's handpicked crew)saw anything like that. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/notes/bridging-the-cayman-islands/statement-from-the-organizers-of-penny-palfreys-bridging-the-cayman-islands-swim/238834866128494

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