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    Friday, June 10, 2011

    FilOil Flying V 2011 Latest MVP Race To The Finish: The MVP Will Either Be Yousef Taha or Pippo Noundou

    This is Yousef Taha of Mapua. You're looking at the future star of NCAA.

    The top 5 players in FilOil Flying V Hanes Premier Cup 2011 are Yousef Taha, Pippo Noundou, Allan Mangahas, Calvin Abueva and RR Garcia. Taha came from Mapua, Noundou came from FEU, Mangahas also came from Mapua, Abueva came from San Sebastian and Garcia came from FEU. Among these players, the FEU players were the ones who managed to dig deeper in the 2011 FilOil semi-finals. The Mapua players and San Sebastian player in Abueva were ousted very early in the quarterfinals by Ateneo and Adamson respectively. In effect this latest tally sheet and rankings 2011 FilOil top players will not be a big factor because we can now say that FEU's Pippo Noundo and RR Garcia were able to pad up on their statistics. They are now the two top candidates for this year's FilOil MVP.

    Without looking at their individual scores in their game yesterday against the Ateneo Blue Eagles, I can fearlessly say that Pippo Noundou will win the MVP award because he is the closer player to Mapua's Yousef Taha. The eliminated Taha has a total of 455 points while FEU's Noundou has 423 points. Noundou is trailing by 32 points. Now let's look at his performance against Ateneo yesterday in their semi-finals match-up. The problem for Noundou is that he only had 6 points in that game. RR Garcia, his teammate and fellow MVP candidate, was the one who had a great scoring game. He had 15 points against Ateneo. RR Garcia was able to add on his total points which stands at 359.

    Right now we can never really say who's the FilOil MVP, but I'm placing my bet on Pippo Noundou. The reason is that, he led his team all the way up to the semi-finals against the defending UAAP champions Ateneo. But if FilOil will be much more generous, I believe they will give the MVP award to Mapua's Yousef Taha because his statistical points and overall points goes through the roof. He was really able to build such high stats. By the way, he's also a candidate for the 2011 FilOil Defensive Player of the year. Taha was able to haul in 128 rebounds, 3 steals and a whopping 21 blocks with a total of 152 defensive points. You just can't overlook this player.

    To the two remaining teams, Ateneo and San Beda, who will go against each other on what's shaping to be an epic FilOil 2011 Finals match, I'm so sorry because they don't have MVP candidates this year. Well, we'll have to look at their terrific team work and not on their individual players.

    Going on, it's now very clear, the 2011 FilOil MVP award will either be given to Yousef Taha or Pippo Noundou. If you want to judge the MVP race by yourself just look at the stats below.


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