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    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    Rain or Shine Beats B-Meg Derby Ace Llamados In 2011 PBA Governors Cup Season 36

    Both of these two teams have not yet chalked a win on the road. They both have 0 wins and 2 losses on the road. But today someone has two win and someone has to lose on the road. In the beginning of this Governor's Cup 2011 opener, the tall height of Devance in the front line of the B-Meg Llamados disturbed several Rain or Shine plays. Also, Mark Pingris was the B-Meg's designated defender to stop Arizona Reid, but he can't stop the all-around import of Rain or Shine (ROS). Reid was able to outsmart B-Meg using his wise shot selection. He scored 36 points, 17 rebounds and 1 assist. His counterpart, Stefhon Hannah, the import of B-Meg only had 6 points on a very salty 3 out 14 shooting from the field. Reid's big night made it possible for ROS to beat the clueless and listless Llamados. The final score was 95-82 in favor of ROS. The now have 1 win on the road and it happened in Tacloban City. ROS chalked up their first win in the Governor's Cup. This is a very convincing win for ROS. They looked quite solid and I believe they will post a great challenge against the other big teams in the league. This Cup is very short with 8 games given to each of the teams, every game is important. This win of ROS would really effect their free-flowing confidence in their next games.

    In this opening game, ROS's players were just faster in getting the lose balls or the 50:50 balls in this game. B-Meg players seemed to be disinterested to win this game. ROS also made a great job against the overrated Stefhon Hannah in this game. Jireh IbaƱes man handled Hannah and he can't seem to get his groove against the defensive minister of ROS. Hannah only had 6 points in his debut game. His 3 out 14 shooting from the field probably was one of the reasons why his teammates lost their confidence to win in this game. He failed to show-up in this game. I will not be shocked if one of this days he will be sent back to the USA because of his poor performance. The B-Meg crowd in Tacloban City ridiculed Stefhon Hannah. They were expecting an Iverson like performance from him but all they saw was one of the worst performances by a PBA import in a road game.

    With the steady all around play and with complete package play of Arizona Reid, ROS was able to build a 13 point lead at the end of the first half, the score was 44-31. Mark Pingris can't check the inside out game of Reid. Reid was very impressive in his debut game. He looked very sharp and ready to take his ROS team to the promise land. He's an undersized big man but he is a work horse and he knows how to properly select his shots. With their 13 point lead, ROS never looked back in this game. They managed to establish a formidable lead against B-Meg. James Yap tried to carry his team but he just can't do it alone. 2 to 3 ROS defenders tried to stop him whenever he attempts to drive at the basket. He was able to score 11 points in this game. In the latter part of this game, he was asking for support coming from their import but their import didn't respond to Yap's emergency call.

    The whole story of this game revolves around Arizona Reid dominating the game while Stefhon Hannah appeared to be like Hannah Montana in this game. He was a like a lost cub in this game. No wonder the B-Meg fans laughed at him whenever he tries to shoot the ball. The locals of both of the teams played well but the import of B-Meg spelled the difference in this game. He didn't show that much intensity coming from him. His local teammates lost their confidence in this game because of his poor shooting.

    Also, the weakness of B-Meg's front line was exposed by the incursions of ROS's Larry Rodriguez and Big Beau Belga. Larry Rodriguez, the former PMI superstar made some great plays in this game. He had some offensive rebounds and he was able to score some put backs for ROS. Belga on the other hand got the better of Jerwin Gaco. Gaco can't match the speed and shooting skills of Belga. Belga was not afraid to take the ball into the hoop. He used his large body against the defenders of B-Meg. Joe Devance was okay in this game but when it comes to the physical game inside the shaded lane, he was no match against Beau Belga. This game also showed coach Yeng Guiao's mastery of what his former apprentice, George Galent will do against him. Guioa got the better of Galent. The next game of ROS will be on Wednesday against the Air 21 Express.

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