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    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    Philippine Women's Volleyball Team Lost to China: Via 3 Straight Sets Again in 12th Asian Womens Club Volleyball Championship

    This game is by far the best game of the Philippine Women's Volleyball Team because they were able to challenge the Chinese team by making the scores closer compared to their previous games. We watched how Japan and Iran whipped our team in the 12th Asian Women's Club Volleyball Championship (AWCVC), but today I wanna congratulate our team for showing a different kind of attitude on the volleyball court. They never backed down from the overpowering Chinese team.

    We saw the same problems of our team in this game but still we should be happy because from time to time they were getting better. You'll also see on the faces of our players especially on the Carolino sisters and on Rachel Ann Daquis that they want to win in this game, but in the end they had to fall short against the Chinese team in 3 straight sets.

    The problem is, we just can't check the quick plays of China in the first and second sets. The first two set scores were 25-12 and 25-14.

    In the third set Rachelle Ann Daquis had a service ace and it kept her going from then on. She did her best to keep the game close with her smart and creative hits. She also receive some fast balls from China but the human in her was shown when she failed to receive a cork screw spike from one of the Chinese spikers in the 3rd set. Daquis was the biggest reason why the Philippines made the 3rd set more interesting. As you can see in the picture above, the game was tied 9-9 in the earlier part of the 3rd set but when China used their quick plays, our team was not able to receive the ball well. I'm so sorry but I had to say this, when Pau Soriano failed to successfully receive one of those quick plays from the opponent in the 3rd set, that was the time when our team crumbled to defeat. I also noticed that we have weak blockers. They can't block the spikes from the strong Chinese spikers. I saw that our blockers were not fully using their full body to block the attacks of China. They were not moving their feet fast enough to keep in step with the Chinese spikers. They were just using their arms to block China's spikers. That alone will not do it against the powerful spikers of China. They have to beat the Chinese spikers on the spot for them to have a better chance of blocking the ball. But nonetheless, we were able to challenge China in the 3rd set. The Philippines now have 0-4 win-loss record in the tournament.

    The set scores were:

    25-12, 25-14 and 25-17.


    Anonymous said...

    The Pinays held on until the game was even tied to 12-12. It was the most exciting match ever. Even the Vietnamese crowd cheered for PHL when the Pinays exhibited their powerful hits. In fairness to the PHL team, China's blocking crumbled in the 3rd set as the Pinays challenged them with relentless attacks.The team is improving. More foreign exposures will help the team improve their international competence. The team has shown its potential. This is exactly how Vietnam performed more than half a decade ago but look at where they are now. I believe we will eventually catch up.

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    more exposure to them, and find a good libero, gata or reyes, lazaro, gabriel

    Anonymous said...

    pau is a middle hitter and blocker, she is new to her position now as libero.

    Anonymous said...

    bravo for rachel anne daquis. :)

    Anonymous said...

    saan po kaya pwede mapanood yung mga game? meron po bang mga replay?

    Mintiscool06 said...


    Anonymous said...

    walang video???

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