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    Sunday, June 12, 2011

    Dallas Mavericks Beat Miami Heat In Game 6 of NBA Finals 2011 To Capture First NBA Title

    After having experienced 10 NBA All Star appearances and after winning his first NBA regular season MVP in 2007 Dirk Nowitzki has finally completed the circle of his NBA career as he and the Mavericks have just won their first ever NBA Finals Championship at the expense of the Miami Heat and their so called Big 3. They take the finals series in 6 games and the final score in game 6 was 105-95 in favor of Dallas.

    This game 6 symbolizes Dallas' resilience and brotherhood. Their leader, Dirk Nowitzki struggled in the first half but his brother from another mother, Jason Terry took over the scoring chores for Dallas. Dirk only had 21 points in this game while their Game 6 super star, Jason Terry had 27 big points to lead the charge for the Mavericks. After the game he showed his NBA Finals trophy tattoo.

    The tattoo symbolizes the Mavericks' resolve to win their first ever NBA Finals title after their lost against the Heat in the 2006 NBA Finals. It also symbolizes that they want to avenge that lost. I saw that look on Terry's face. He felt a great amount of relief after he heard the final buzzer in game 6 because prior to the NBA Finals, he made a fearless forecast that they will beat Miami and he subsequently showed his tattoo to the media. He would be embarrassed if his forecast will not come true. Thankfully, they won the title.

    This win is indeed a breakthrough for Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Tyson Chandler, Peja Stojakovic and Bryan Cardinal. This bunch of not-so-young folks have just won their first ever NBA title. Just imagine how much joy and pride this win can give to the 17- year NBA veteran Jason Kidd. This will prove to all people that you don't have to score a lot to win a championship, sometimes being a team player and a facilitator like Kidd may be enough. Congratulations Jason Kidd.

    Jason Terry summed-up the whole story of this championship when he said:

    "‎All those unique individual stories is what propelled us to this victory."

    Looking at the team of Dallas, you'll see different colors and those colors appeared in the form of a rainbow after they withstood the storm which is the Miami Heat.

    The Heat's game 6 story on the other hand was pretty much the same as their last 2 performances in this series. They don't have that end game fire in the 4th quarter. They seemed disinterested and dull in the 4th quarter. They don't want to get those 50:50 balls unlike Dallas. I don't want to add more insult on LeBron James but he really needs to get psyched up because he totally lost his purpose in this series. He lost that spark that led him to be a Heat. That spark is the reason why he's in Miami teaming-up with Wade and Bosh. That spark is to win a championship and that spark didn't become a fire. That's just it. The only positive thing for the Heat is that they will continue to be a contender in the East. No more no less and for the nth time, we'll see LeBron, who only had 21 points in this game, walking like a zombie after their devastating lost while thinking over his poor NBA Finals series showing.

    As for the Mavericks, I can foresee that they will still have the same crew next season and for sure, they will go for another NBA championship. And for sure, the jet will continue to fly over Dallas.


    Ida333 said...

    Is it possible that the Mavericks are using some sort of illegal alchemical water to pull ahead in the finals? I read something about this. Here is the link that describes what they might be using:


    Anonymous said...

    I might not have bothered with this illegal substance use gossip ... but now that the Mavs have won (and how!) ...I'm curious.

    If it's not illegal (and not crazy expensive) maybe we could all get better at our fav sports?

    I would love to improve my game ... but would need someone with reqd expertise to look into this "alchemical water".

    Or maybe the Mavs could come out with a press release?

    Anonymous said...

    Mavericks is just lucky that they won a champion

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