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    Friday, May 27, 2011

    Heat Beats Bulls In Game 5 To Enter NBA Finals Against Dallas: Superstar 101 Class On Going Be Quiet

    So many stars to praise in this game but let's start with the Heat's lucky charm, Mike Miller. He's their lucky charm because he just had a new baby. And, there's a saying that if there's a new born baby, it will bring luck to any person or to a group of persons. In this game, Mike Miller hit some crucial shots. The most important of which was his three pointer in the second quarter that kept the Heat within striking distance. He just made a great job just like what he did in game 4. Now tell me, isn't he their lucky charm?

    With regard to the Heat's Big 3, well, they all showed their poise in this close out game. They also took Derrick Rose to a Superstar 101 class. The Big 3 showed Rose how to carry a team. But then again the Heat is a much more complete team and that they don't have to worry on who's gonna score next for them unlike the Bulls. The Bulls only have Derrick Rose as their primary source of offense. They don't have a consistent secondary scorer. Boozer is not that good to fill in the scoring chores for the Bulls. That's the main difference between these two teams. The offensive prowess of the Heat was just too much for the excellent defense of the Bulls. When LeBron and Wade psyched up themselves in the last 4 minutes of game 5, they just can't be stopped whenever they wanted to score. In the last 2 minutes, the Bulls' lead went down to just 7 points and Wade and James just bullied their way to the basket. Thus, they win the series. In game 5, the final score was 83 to 80.

    LeBron James and Chris Bosh both had a double-double game. James had 28 points, 11 rebounds and 2 huge blocks. James inherited the blocking prowess of Dwyane Wade. Wade didn't score that much because he was nursing a left shoulder injury but his veteran presence and poise were invaluable for the Heat. All throughout the game, James applied a matador kind of defense against Derrick Rose. Rose was limited to just 28 points and 8 assists. James did a fine job in denying the driving lane to Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose's talent is not yet on the level of Allen Iverson who can score anytime he wants. Looking back, when Allen Iverson was still a rookie, he was able to shoot over Michael Jordan when Jordan defended him on the high arc. He did a little crossover dribble and then he pulled up for a jumper that went in. Rose himself knows that he has a lot more to learn. After the game he said in the press conference that:

    “I wasn’t tired. Just making dumb decisions. I’m going to get better; I’m not worried about that. If anything, this is going to make me hungry."

    LeBron James on the other seems to be on a Cloud 9. This will be his first trip to the NBA Finals and he's enjoying every minute of it. He seems to be in a different dimension right now. He's now one step closer to his lifetime dream, to win a championship. Up to now he can't still believe what his team did and on how they were able to win the Eastern Conference Title. He just said:

    “We honestly don’t know what happened. We know some big plays happened and we know we won the game. It went so fast.”

    Derrick Rose should not be ashamed of himself because at his tender age of 21 years he's already an NBA MVP. No one has ever done that before. This setback is just one of those precious life's lessons that a future NBA Hall of Famer should learn.

    Time often flies so fast, after seeing some great playoffs actions we'll be treated to what's shaping to be a great NBA Finals showdown between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat. The series will start on Tuesday, Western Time and Wednesday, Eastern Time. Good luck to both of these teams. Their series will be a repeat of the 2006 NBA Finals wherein Dallas won the first two games and then the Heat withstood the storm and they went on to win the series. Will their dejavu or Dallas will win the title? Just compare how these two teams played.

    Here's the close out game 5's of both Dallas and Miami.

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