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    Sunday, May 22, 2011

    Sebastian Telfair Life Documentary-Through The Fire: Watch Basketball Documentaries Online

    I didn't know that Sebastian Telfair was such a great basketball player in high school because he was just an average player in the NBA. Generally, what I know about NBA players is that they are all very influential and that they have enough support to be where they are and that they have all the things that they want in life, but after I saw this documentary about Sebastian Telfair, I came to realize that NBA players are still human and that they really need to work hard to be just in the NBA Draft. I saw a part of myself in Sebastian Telfair. He dreamed hard and he worked hard just to get in the NBA. His dream didn't come on a silver platter. He started playing for Lincoln High School wherein, getting a pair of shoes from Adidas is already an enough reason to make him and his teamates happy. Afterwards he was recruited by two top NCAA Division 1 schools namely Louisville and Kentucky. He didn't choose to play for either team because he chose to play in the NBA to get his family out of poverty. The lessons that I've learned from this documentary is priceless. As a basketball player I, almost cried after watching this one. Hopefully you'll also learn a lot from the life of Sebastian Telfair. He has a burning passion to be legendary but still his life in the NBA didn't last that long. He learned that in the NBA, money is the name of the game. And so, without further a do, here's the documentary.


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