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    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    Dirk Nowitzki Carries His Team As Dallas Beats OKC In Game 4 To Lead 3-1 In West Finals

    The Fourth Reich of Germany is on! The Big German, Dirk Nowitzki literally carried his team on his back as they cruise past the energetic and youthful Oklahoma City Thunder. The final score was 112-105. Dirk had another 40 point output. In game one he had 48 points and in game 4 he had 40 points. Dirk's showing that he can still play despite his age. Well, in the NBA age doesn't really matter especially if you can score like Dirk. With all the facilities that they have, simple body aches that come from old age will never slow down an NBA player. OKC stopped the other players of Dallas but they can't stop Dirk. He's just too big, too big smart, too strong and too great for the young defenders of OKC. Will you put a smaller against him? Thabo Sefolosha? Will you put a bigger player against him? Nick Collison? Will you double team him? Will you foul him early? These are probably the questions that are lingering up to now, in the head of Scott Brooks. He might end up insane if he thinks about these things too much. He's tried all of these but they still can't check Nowitzki. If you double him, Jason Terry and Jason Kidd will burn them from the outside. Jason Kidd had 17 points which all came from kick-out passes from Dirk or from Chandler. Use Nick Collison against him, Dirk will just maneuver himself for a possible pull up jumper or he will just lure Nick to foul him for free throws. Use Serge Ibaka, well we all saw in game 1 how Dirk burned Ibaka. He will not be able to stop him, that's for sure.

    With Dirk on deck, the Mavericks overcame a 15 point lead with 4 minutes and 50 seconds left on the clock. OKC just showed how immature they are with Dirk shooting free throws as he slowly ate their lead, they failed to execute in the end game. Durant was brilliant in the first three quarters but in the fourth quarter especially in the last 4 minutes of the ball game he was not able to score for OKC. He had 29 points but he just can't prevent Dirk and the Mavericks to eat them up alive. Westbrook continues to show his weakness. He just can't shoot the ball consistently. He's still too far from the level of Derrick Rose who can dominate a ball game anytime he wants. Rose now have a decent three point shot while Westbrook still can't nail it consistently. That has been the story of this series. For Dallas, just stop the shooting of Durant using Shawn Marion and stop Westbrook's penetration through zone defense and everything will be okay for them. One more win and they will be in the NBA Finals. Dirk has been waiting for this to happen. I can feel his passion to win a championship for Mark Cuban. They have been waiting for this opportunity. Dirk believes in Mark and Mark believes in Dirk. They've stayed with each other through thick and thin. Meanwhile, OKC will still be waiting for a miracle. They should win in game 5 if they want to stay alive alive, but the problem is, the series will now be in Dallas for game 5.

    This is the game 4 Semifinals replay video highlights of Dallas vs. OKC

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