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    Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Rain or Shine's Coach, Yeng Guiao Fined 30,000 pesos while 3 PBA Referees Were Suspended By Commissioner Chito Salud

    Source: PBA-addicts.net

    Coach Yeng Guiao of the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters experienced a double whammy last Friday. First, his team lost against B-Meg and second he was fined 30,000 pesos by the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) after he approached a PBA official which is prohibited by a law in the PBA.

    Commissioner Chito Salud was the one who confirmed that he was approached by Coach Yeng. That action is a not allowed in the PBA. Thus, because of that action he was given a sanction. Commissioner Salud narrated what happened between him and Coach Yeng. He said that:

    “On my way to lobby, I heard somebody calling me and it was coach Yeng so I went to him,” Salud said. “I told him that this is not the best venue for us to talk and that there are a lot of people passing by us. It took some time before I was able to persuade him.”

    That's clearly a violation of the PBA Law. And, on top of that violation, Coach Yeng also shouted "WALANG DAYAAN" while the game was on going. He shouted that in front of PBA fans. That's the gravest thing that he did because what he shouted was said to be against the PBA.

    The Commissioner was quick to counter what Coach Yeng shouted, he said that:

    "Walang dinadaya rito, everyone is given fair treatment.”

    For me, there's nothing wrong with what the Commissioner did, he's just applying the PBA Law. He's a lawyer and thus, I believe he knows the rule in statutory construction that's called, "Dura Lex Sed Lex" or The Law is Harsh but that's the Law. It's his duty to apply the PBA Law no matter how harsh it is.

    Coincidentally, there were also 3 referees that were suspended by the Commissioner. They are Nestor Sambrano, Nol Quilengen and Peter Balao. They were the ones who officiated in the B-Meg vs. Rain or Shine Game last Friday wherein the Llamados won.

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