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    Saturday, July 16, 2011

    UST Women's Volleyball Team's New Player Jessey Laine De Leon: Venus Bernal's 2nd Coming?

    There's a new kid in town in the Tigresses' Lare, her name Jessey Laine M. De Leon. With his physique and facial features, I can foresee her as the new Venus Bernal of UST. Venus excels as an open spiker and so as Jessey. Both of them also jump high.

    Here is Jessey's profile:

    Source: UAAP Women's Volleyball and Shakey's V-League Fan Page
    Name: Jessey Laine M. de Leon
    Nick/pet name: Jessey/ JZ/ Jess
    Birthday: December 18, 1994
    High School: St. Scholastica’s College, Manila
    Height: 5’7”
    Position(s) played: Libero, Utility, Open, Middle
    League you’ve participated in: WNCAA, WVL, Milo little Olympics, Manila Meet, NCR meet, Palarong Pambansa, Interbarangay leagues, Poblacion leagues, Shakey’s G League
    Award(s): ( special awards ba ‘to? ) None

    Academic recognition(s):
    Grade school:
    * Consistent merit holder 1st - 4th quarter every year
    * CMLI delegate to Baguio
    * Graduation: Silver academic medalist, Art excellence plaque, Computer excellence plaque, Speech and Drama certificate of excellence, Sports certificate of excellence
    * won numerous awards in Art Competitions (CEAP-NCR, Interschools, etc) * Art Core
    * Bulletin artist of year level
    * At CMLI, won bronze medalist “Editorial”
    * Core leader group
    * participated of giving artworks for the donors of those who had cancer

    High School:
    * won numerous awards in Art Competitions
    * Consistent third honors/merit every quarter from 1st - 4th year
    * Consistent in being one of the top 10 of the batch every quarter and over all
    * Graduation: Third honor

    College: UST
    Your course: Architecture

    —— Wait, I forgot something. I was the best supporting comedy actor of our Shakesfest in our school. =)))))) Natawa ako. What role did you played? Malvolio of Twelfth night (by Shakespeare). :))
    Focus and Determination. That is what Jessey De Leon is all about. Those two words fit her perfectly. It is very obvious that this girl is an achiever, smart and has a lot to offer.
    Don’t be fooled by her lean form and that sweet smile, coz this girl can surely bring her artistic side to the court and play around with your emotions.
    Fun Facts! Interesting Infos! Everything you need to know about Jessey!

    Why volleyball?
    Answering this question is similar to answering the question: “Why did you fall in love with that person?” So it’s like me simply answering: “IT always gives me the feeling that it is where I’m meant to be”

    When did you start playing?
    Grade 5.

    How is volleyball affecting your life now?
    With small words, I would say that volleyball changed my whole life a lot. It altered how I view things, how my confidence is, how I pray, the strength of my faith… how everything matters. Most especially – volleyball influenced me by teaching Jessey how to fully TRUST GOD.

    Do you consider yourself as a star?
    I don’t deem myself as a star. Haha. I still have a lot to learn.

    What motivates you to play volleyball?
    There’s a lot. Back in high school, I was motivated to play for my teammates and my coaches. My family and friends up to now are always here to cheer me up, which keeps me actuated and inspired. Granted that all the things don’t come my way when I play, nevertheless they are still there, which serves as a key for my determination. Last but not the least, God, who is the reason for all.

    Do you feel you are ready to take on greater responsibilities?
    Yes, I should be ready. In the first place, choosing to be an athlete is already a responsibility. Now that we are heading to UST, a greater responsibility awaits us and I should still keep my feet on the ground whilst I’m on the edge of my seat doing my tasks as a student-athlete.

    Can you give us 5 reasons why you choose UST?
    I chose UST because (1) first, it’s my dream school; (2) it’s a prestigious school; (3) one of the finest in Architecture; (4) it’s my dream to represent UST; and (5) WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO PLAY FOR THE UST WVT? ❤

    Are you willing to sacrifice your studs just to play volleyball?
    First of all, if you are a responsible athlete, there wouldn’t be any choices at all. A responsible athlete should learn how to balance studies and volleyball well. But, if we’re talking about redefining how I love volleyball by using how much you could sacrifice for it – I am willing to give up my studs for it (though that would really be a big issue for me and my parents; so yeah, torn haha)

    Is there anyway you can quit volleyball? why?
    The only way that could quit me from playing volleyball is if I will be out of my depth, because someday academics would not be in favor with my volleyball life – of mixed tight schedules, never-ending plates, stressful nights, no sleep, and a lot more. Just the thought of it preys on my mind. Architecture will only be the reason, sadly.

    What can you say about your new teammates?
    I still don’t know them that much, but the way I see it – they are beyond awesome.

    And quoting her twitter profile description:
    A volleyball player, art student, amateur photographer, unsatisfied fashion lover, third honor graduate, that will continue to chase her hopes and dreams.

    - Jessey is the tallest among the incoming players of UST. A very bright girl who has many honors in her high school. She is a very good blocker. Though she has problems when it comes to middle attacks, she would rather spike in the open position than in the middle. Needs to develop her quick attacks and need to learn to do running attacks. In the scrimmage versus team A players, she blocked attacks from Judy, Maru and Mia. Need also to gain more weight because she is really reed thin.


    Anonymous said...

    is she the only addition to the team? thanks

    gbartable said...

    madami pa... grabe idol ko na toh c jess

    Anonymous said...

    pkta moh n deserving k tlgang mkpxok s ust!!!go

    cadsy kim said...

    ahmm..papanuorin kita sa drating na laban:)))goodluck..♥

    Anonymous said...

    best st. scho friend and teammate ni mika reyes?

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