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    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    Volcanoes Bench Billboard Removed Because it's Inappropriate? Censorship on Bilboards is ON

    The Volcanoes' Billboard in EDSA

    If the TV and Movie shows in the Philippines have the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), which is a government agency that regulates the TV and Movie shows in our country, the Billboards that are found near the highways and other places that have high volume of people on the other hand now have the so called MMDA Censorship committee which is tasked to regulate the appearance and placing of the Billboards around the Metro. If they found out that a Billboard violates a certain distance from the road that they're adjacent into and if it's inappropriate to the public's view they'll remove it ASAP.

    Just recently one of the Billboards that they removed around EDSA was the Volcanoe's Bench underwear Billboard because they deemed it to be inappropriate. The Billboard was also recommended to be removed by Mayor Benjur Abalos of Mandaluyong City. He said that it's inappropriate to be placed on a busy street where people especially the children regularly pass. But for me, that's the very essence of advertising. You have to place your Billboard on busy areas where there's a huge volume of people everyday. It's illogical if you'll place your ad on areas that have less volume of people. But his argument that it's inappropriate to the children is plausible. Their young minds might not be able to grasp correctly the idea of being sexy.

    For me, the smartest possible reason for the removal of such Billboards is the fact that they can disturb one's concentration if they'll be kept on their places. If you're driving along EDSA and you'll see those sexy pictures not only of the Volcanoes but also of the other sexy personalities your attention might be taken away by them and without you knowing it, you've already met an accident. That's the scary part of it.

    On a lighter note, I kept on mentioning the Volcanoes in this post. If you still don't know them, they're our National Rugby Team. They're slowly making some buzz around the Philippines because of their fine showing and because of their killer looks. If you want to know the team more, here's their short video introduction courtesy of YouTube.

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