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    Saturday, July 30, 2011

    FEU Tamaraws Beat UST Tigers in UAAP Season 74 Men's Basketball: FEU Goes for 4-1 Record

    This game could have proven to all of UST's critics that they are indeed a Final 4 contender in this year's UAAP Men's Basketball games, but they failed to win this game against the very resilient FEU Tamaraws. The Tamaraws beat the Tigers via 62-59. As a result, FEU now has 4 wins and 1 loss while UST now has 2 wins and 2 losses.

    I have all the positive things to say about FEU. They are definitely a Final 4 Team along with Ateneo and Adamson. Even if FEU's go-to-guy, RR Garcia didn't play well in this game, their second stringers such as Carl Bryan Cruz and especially Cris Tolomia stepped-up. That's how deep FEU's bench is. They used that strength all throughout this game. Tolomia carried his team on his shoulders. He scored a career high 10 points in this game. He and his teammates were very resilient in this game. They just continued to play despite the poor showing of Garcia who only scored a career low, 9 points. The Tamaraws didn't give up and they continued to pressure the guards of UST in the fourth quarter and it paid dividends to them in the end. UST's guards committed crucial mistakes in the dying minutes of the fourth quarter due to FEU's full court pressure defense. UST's fragility and poor execution of plays were exposed in this game.

    As what I've said in the first paragraph above, this game could have proven that UST is indeed a contender this year, but just like last year, they failed to win this very crucial game. Last year they started their UAAP Season 73 campaign also with 2 big wins but when they face a formidable team in their third game, they lost and that was the start of their misery. They continued to lose some games and that killed their Final 4 hopes. I don't want to see that happen again this season for UST, but it seemed that they are on their way to that direction once again. Their next opponents will be Ateneo, UP and DLSU. Those are also good teams. If they will not be able to drastically change their bad habits, they will be in a tough situation.

    Yeah UST have enough firepower this year with the addition of Louie Vigil, Karim Abdul and Kevin Ferrer but it seemed that their veterans such as Jeric Teng is having some crucial mistakes on the offensive end for the Tigers. They can't live well in the UAAP if one of their main men, Teng will not play well especially in the latter portions of a ball game.

    I don't know if it's just me or there are other sports buffs out there who noticed that if Teng was being heavily pressured on the back court, most of the time he'll throw the ball outside or he'll commit a turn over. Just like in their game against Adamson. He was pressured in so many instances in that game and he just succumbed to them by committing a lot of turn overs that doused and killed the confidence of his teammates. Those crucial mistakes were also shown in their game today against FEU.

    In the last 50 seconds of their game against FEU, Teng was the designated in-bounder. FEU's was pressing them especially Jeric Fortuna. Teng passed the ball to Fortuna. It my own point of view, the past was too sharp and it was also a bit il-advised because Fortuna was teetering against the baseline and against FEU's defenders. Thus, they committed another turn over. It was costly because FEU was able to get the lead from them because of that miscue. Thankfully Jeric Fortuna was able to make a perimeter jumper that tied the ball game at 59-59, in the last 35 seconds of the ball game. In the ensuing play, FEU's super rookie Cris Tolomia played a hero's role as he drilled a 3-pointer courtesy of a nice pass from RR Garcia. That won the game for FEU.

    Teng did a great job in containing RR Garcia and he also did a great job in scoring for the Tigers, in fact he scored 23 points, but I believe his shot selection in the latter part of the game was also a big reason why they lost to FEU. The Tamaraws had a 2 point lead. There was enough time for UST to tie the game when Fortuna issued an outlet pass to Teng in the last 35 seconds of the ball game. He could have opted to give back the ball to Fortuna for a reset play but he opted to attack the double team of FEU. He missed the contested shot and FEU got the rebound and they just burned the game clock. The buzzer sounded and the game was over.

    This game is really a hard pill to swallow most especially for the Tigers. They could have won this game but they were not yet up to the challenge. The Tigers still have more work to do.

    I don't want to dampen the confidence of Teng. He's having a stellar season for the Tigers. He's defending well and he's scoring well but his poise and composure in the end game are the suspects why UST is falling short. He is the now and he is the future of his team. He should have known better because Fortuna can't do it all alone. Yeah, Fortuna has a big heart. He can shoot crucial shots, but he needs the help of Teng for better blood distribution when they (The Tigers) run to get their prey.

    Here are the scores from Inboundpass.com:
    FEU 62- Tolomia 10, Ramos 10, Garcia 9, Exciminano 8, Cawaling 7, Cruz 6, Bringas 6, Romeo 4, Foronda 2, Sentcheu 0, Fabian 0, Escoto 0, Knuttel 0

    UST 59 – Teng 23, Fortuna 16, Camus 8, Ferrer 6, Abdul 3, Lo 2, Afuang 1, Vigil 0, Tan 0, Pe 0

    Quarter scoring: 16-15, 21-30, 38-44, 62-59

    And here's the Cris Tolomia game winning shot courtesy of YouTube:


    Anonymous said...

    The inbound error was not solely Teng or Fortuna's fault. If you've watched it live or in the television, it could have been a 5sec violation. The defense was tight on both fortuna and jeric (w/ double team). There should have been a help on other teammates. Ferrer should have helped but he was already on the other side of the court.

    I think no plays given to Teng on the latter part of the game, that's why he was not able to contibute that much points on the 4th qtr. But hey, he did a good job on defending RR. RR normally makes 15-20pts, but only scored 9pts in this game.

    I think for this game, it's more of Ferrer's errors. Remember, he took a crucial shot that missed (plus the fact that he'd been missing the whole game), he didnt help on the inbound, and lastly he didnt defend mike tolomia on the crucial shot. The 'help' defense on RR should be on the big men and not on the wing men because you got to guard the shooters.

    All in all, i can say they can really be a final four contender. Good luck to UST.

    Sayang ka.... said...

    Ayoko ko na kay Teng. Masyadong kabado at nagmamadali sa tira... sayang yung laki nyan.. nakikita ko sa uste yan eh.. ang laki....

    Anonymous said...

    Fortuna can take crucial shots because i think he's the only one licensed to do so. If youve watched all previous games, puro sya lang tumitira sa crucial. Not even Abdul, Camus or Teng.

    Imagine Camus taking the shot and missed, siguradong mapapagalitan. Eh Si Fortuna parang paborito. Buong time nasa court.

    Chaka sa huli nalang si fortuna nagshoshoot kasi nakascore ng malupit si Teng and ok din performance ni Camus so defense talaga nakatutok sa kanila. Imagine si exciminiano kay jeric at di kay fortuna nagbabantay. So sa huli, mas kaya na nya at pumapasok na tira niya (nagmimiss din sya nung una at nageeerror sa pasa.. Natatakpan lang kasi naahoot nya crucial shots)

    Credits to Fortuna at talagang may shooting siya pero i dont think sya lang ang nagcocontribute pra sa team. Camus, Teng, and Abdul also contributed

    Anonymous said...

    Sa totoo lang, si Fortuna, pass first point guard yan.. wala ako masasabi diyan. nung days nya sa la salle zobel kahit sobrang layo ng tres nyan pumapasok. Ang tawag nga sa kanya noon eh "FOR3NA." Ngayon ng medyo humble na yan e. sinusunod nya ng maigi yung plays design for Teng. Si Teng naman nagmamadali.. kaya sayang.. :( Si camus naman mukang hilaw pa ang laro... sobrang laki din nyan kaya hirap magdala ng bola.

    Anonymous said...

    Sa nakikita ko, towards 4th qtr.. Play ay nakay ferrer kasi mas maliit nagbabantay ka kanya pero di niya naitira. Sayang.

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