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    Friday, April 8, 2011

    FilOil 2011 Flying V Basketball League Studio 23 Schedule Of Games: Ateneo, La Salle, FEU, UST, San Beda, San Sebastian

    The 2011 FilOil Flying V Summer Basketball league will start today, April 9, 2011, Saturday. This is one of the 2 very famous pre-season college basketball leagues. The other pre-season college basketball league is the Nike Summer league. These 2 summer leagues will be a preview of the upcoming UAAP and NCAA 2011 basketball games.

    There are 17 teams who will compete in this years FilOil Flying V Premier Cup. They will be divided into two groups, A and B. There will be a round robin format for each group. The four top teams in each group will advance in the quarterfinals. There will now be a crossover format in the quarterfinals. The games will be held in the Arena in San Juan.

    To kick off the opening day of the Fil-Oil 2011 summer basketball league, we'll have 2 great games which will be aired live at Studio 23.

    On April 9, 2011 at 3:00 p.m., we'll see Ateneo De Manila Blue Eagles versus San Beda Red Lions and at 5:00 p.m. the DLSU Green Archers will take on the UST Growling Tigers. UST has two great recruits. Kevin Ferrer and Kareem Abdul.

    The Ateneo will show their two great recruits. Their new center, Greg Slaughter and their new pointguard, Mark Tallo. They will undergo a great acid test against the San Beda Red Lions. San Beda will have Baser Amer as their new point guard.

    In the second game, DLSU will have their new centers, Norbert Torres and Arnold Van Opstal. Dan Sara, their new point guard will also play his first Green Archer official game. UST will still have Jeric Teng and Jeric Fortuna. The Tigers have been the underdogs for the past 3 years.

    Studio 23 will only broadcast the first 4 games on April 9, 2011 and they will not televise the other games. Studio 23 will resume the airing of the FilOil games on June 4, 2011.

    Here is the list of the complete game schedule of FilOil 2011 which I got from Inboundpass.com:

    April 13, Wednesday

    1230 pm: EAC vs Letran
    215 pm: San Beda vs Arellano
    4 pm: NU vs UST

    April 15, Friday

    1230 pm: Mapúa vs CSB
    215 pm: UP vs Letran
    4 pm: UE vs JRU

    April 16, Saturday

    1230 pm: UST vs San Sebastian
    215 pm: FEU vs Adamson
    4 pm: NU vs San Beda

    April 25, Monday

    145 pm: UP vs FEU
    330 pm: San Beda vs Lyceum
    515 pm: Arellano vs DLSU

    April 27, Wednesday

    1230 pm: Adamson vs UE
    215 pm: Lyceum vs Ateneo
    4 pm: DLSU vs San Sebastian

    April 29, Friday

    1230 pm: Arellano vs NU
    215 pm: FEU vs Mapúa
    4 pm: JRU vs Letran

    April 30, Saturday

    1230 pm: UE vs EAC
    215 pm: Adamson vs UP
    4 pm: Ateneo vs UST

    May 2, Monday

    1230 pm: EAC vs FEU
    215 pm: NU vs Lyceum
    4 pm: CSB vs JRU

    May 4, Wednesday

    1230 pm: Arellano vs Ateneo
    215 pm: Letran vs Adamson
    4 pm: San Sebastian vs NU

    May 6, Friday

    1230 pm: Letran vs CSB
    215 pm: Lyceum vs Arellano
    4 pm: UP vs JRU

    May 7, Saturday

    1230 pm: EAC vs Adamson
    215 pm: UE vs FEU
    4 pm: Ateneo vs NU

    May 11, Wednesday

    145 pm: CSB vs Adamson
    330 pm: JRU vs EAC
    515 pm: San Sebastian vs Ateneo

    May 13, Friday

    130 pm: EAC vs UP
    315 pm: Mapúa vs Letran

    May 14, Saturday

    1230 pm: UE vs CSB
    215 pm: Lyceum vs San Sebastian
    4 pm: FEU vs JRU

    May 18, Wednesday

    1230 pm: JRU vs Mapúa
    215 pm: CSB vs EAC
    4 pm: UE vs Letran

    May 20, Friday

    130 pm: CSB vs FEU
    315 pm: Arellano vs San Sebastian

    May 21, Saturday

    1230 pm: UST vs Lyceum
    215 pm: UP vs UE
    4 pm: Adamson vs Mapúa

    May 25, Wednesday

    130 pm: Mapúa vs UE
    315 pm: DLSU vs NU

    May 27, Friday

    130 pm: UP vs CSB
    315 pm: Arellano vs UST

    May 28, Saturday

    1 pm: Mapúa vs EAC
    3 pm: FEU vs Letran
    5 pm: San Beda vs DLSU

    June 1, Wednesday

    1230 pm: UP vs Mapúa
    215 pm: Lyceum vs DLSU
    4 pm: San Sebastian vs San Beda

    June 4, Saturday

    2 pm: *San Beda vs UST
    4 pm: *Ateneo vs DLSU

    June 6, Monday

    11 am: ADMU vs. MIT
    2 pm: *San beda vs. UP Fighting Maroons : Live on Studio 23
    4 pm: *FEU Tamaraws vs DLSU Green Archers : Live on Studio 23
    6 pm: Adamson vs. Sebastian

    June 10, Friday: Semi-finals

    2 pm: * San Beda vs San Sebastian or Adamson: The game will be live on Studio 23
    4 pm: * Ateneo vs FEU:The game will be live on Studio 23

    June 12, Sunday

    4 pm: *Finals

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