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    Tuesday, November 26, 2013

    Carmelo Anthony Comments on Kobe Bryant 's $48.5 Million Contract Extension With The Lakers : It's A Sign!

    By BallersPinas

    Multi-Titled Kobe Bryant is so good at playing basketball so much so that he not only got the admiration of the millions of NBA fans all over the world, but also the admiration of his fellow NBA superstars. One of which is the current New York Knicks skipper Carmelo Anthony.

    Carmelo has seen Kobe in almost all the levels of professional basketball. He has played with him in the 2008 Beijing Olympics wherein they brought home the Gold medal and he has also played against him numerous times in the NBA. He knows how great Kobe is.

    That's why when he was asked by the media on his reaction about Kobe's 2-year contract extension worth $48.5 million with the Lakers two days ago, he didn't hesitate to give a comment.

    A lot of people think that the 2-year 48.5 Million contract is way too high for an old player like Kobe (At 37-38 years of age, Kobe is now the highest paid player in the NBA), but Melo thinks otherwise.

    “They got off easy,” Anthony said. “He’s Kobe, man . . . I’d at least give him 40 [million] a year and let him bow out gracefully,” declared the Baltimore native Carmelo Anthony.

    Respect is earned in the NBA and when you're respected by a person like Carmelo it's definitely a big thing. It could mean a lot of positive things. Once of which is the possibility of becoming teammates in the near future.

    We all know that Melo has the option to become an unrestricted free agent this coming summer. The probability of him joining the Kobe and the Lakers is getting higher and higher especially with the tough situation that the Knicks are into this Season. They currently have a 3-10 win-loss record. Way behind their rivals in the Eastern Conference. That can force Melo to leave them next year and join a different team such as the Lakers.

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