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    Sunday, June 16, 2013

    The Importance of Body Stretchings In Basketball and In Other Sports

    By Val Macanas

    Body pains can really be annoying especially after playing basketball or any other sports related activities. That led me to the topic question "how can we eliminate or somehow lessen body pains after engaging in rigorous activities?"

    I remember when I was still a varsity player at Siena College Q.C.. Our strength and conditioning Coach would always oblige us to first warm up before we would do scrimmages/five-on-five basketball. Back then I find those warm-up drills (jogging and stretchings) a waste of time and a bit questionable for the first few days. Thus, I bravely asked our coach what's the importance of warming up? He simply said "ayaw mong sumakit katawan mo diba? Mag stretchings ka!"

    Our coach said was true. This is so because proper body stretchings can boost the amount of nutrients and oxygen delivered to your muscles and it prepares the body for a demanding body workout. That's according to an article that I read online.

    Since then my basketball life has never been the same. I became a more efficient and a more active player because of proper body stretchings. I'm no longer scared of body pains because I know that I did some stretchings prior to any basketball game that I play.

    So now I'd like to share some of the stretching drills that I usually do. Check out the picture below.

    What are you waiting for? Go out there and play the sport that you love and don't be scared of body pains. As long as you do some body stretchings before and after playing, you don't have to worry about body pains.

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