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    Wednesday, February 11, 2015

    Former PBA Import Donald Sloan Talks About Ginebra, Players and His Message To The Fans "Never Say Die": Story Here

    Photo C/O Getty Images

    Source: http://ph.nba.com/

    Former PBA import Donald Sloan is now a vital part of the Indiana Pacers,and as the days go by, he's career is reaching new heights, but he will never forget the things that he experienced in the Philippines especially with Ginebra and its passionate fans.

    In a pre-game interview conducted by Ananias Diaz for NBA.com Philippines, Sloan shared the things that he treasures the most from his stay in the Philippines.

    NBA.com PH: What was your impression of the PBA, the teams, the players, the game?
    Donald Sloan: Very passionate…blood, sweat and tears every game. That was my first overseas experience and it was great. I had great teammates Willy Wilson, Ronald Tubid, Mark Caguioa.
    NBA.com PH: Do you still keep in touch with them?
    Donald Sloan: Yeah. I know that a lot of players are in different teams as the team (Ginebra) is changing…but I have talked to Willy Wilson and Mike Cortez.
    NBA.com PH: What do you think of the PBA fans?
    Donald Sloan: They are great. The PBA fans are great. Passionate. I still have fans contacting me even though I’m here now. You know, congratulating me on my success this season and wanted me to come back.
    NBA.com PH: Was there any particular PBA player that stood out or impressed you?
    Donald Sloan:(After some time struggling to recall the name). What’s his name? Ahhh…Santos…Arwind Santos! He’s pretty good. I haven’t kept up for the last couple of years but when I was over there, he was good and their team beat Talk’ n Text in the championship.
    NBA.com PH: Do you have any future plans just to go back and visit the country?
    Donald Sloan: Yeah. I definitely want to. Not set in stone yet but I definitely want to go back and visit…and maybe play basketball too.
    NBA.com PH: I know it’s kind of tough for you right now as early in the season you have had some great games, but right now you are seeing very limited action.
    Donald Sloan: Well you know, I mean it’s the business we are in. Coach is playing the players who would give us the best chance to win. And at the end of the day I can only control what I can control…and I will play when I get on the court so…whenever that chance or opportunity is, I will be ready. But you know that’s his (coach Vogel’s) decision. I’ll just wait for my chance.
    NBA.com PH: Do you have any message for your Filipino fans?
    Donald Sloan: Yes. Never say die (an allusion of course to the Ginebra battle cry). Whatever your situation is: Never give up. Keep believing. Yeah, just like my situation right now (with regards to seeing limited playing time)… Steps are already there and have already been made, and by God’s will, everything will be good.

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