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    Monday, December 1, 2014

    Guy Lacing The Jordan Shoes of His GF inside The Train Photo Goes Viral: Here's The Guy's Message, Will You Also Do The Same?

    Source: SingaporeStomp.com

    A photo showing a guy doing a king-like deed for his girlfriend inside the train went viral on the internet and received a lot of harsh comments from netizens especially regarding the no-reaction look of the girl that made the guy look stupid in public.

    Photo (C) SingaporeStomp.com

    Some people say that he's a disgrace to men because he allows his gf to treat him like that, but those who have an idea about unconditional love think that what he did was a true act of a gentleman.

    The guy whose name is "Guigui" was informed by his friend that his photo with his gf got featured on Stomp and has been instigating a lot of comments from the site's readers. His reaction was of course classy, in accordance with his noble act inside the train. He even shared another photo wherein he was doing the same deed inside their home while his gf does her no-reaction stuff.

    Apparently, he's also doing it when they are in a different place.
    Photo (C) SingaporeStomp.com

    When the very kind guy was asked about his seemingly noble deed, he said "This morning, my friend told me that my picture with my girlfriend was on Stomp. I feel insulted by some comments. My girlfriend and I love each other very much, and I thought tying her shoelaces is a very common thing in our lives. We enjoy doing things for each other and making each other happy!"

    The question now is, will you also do the same with your significant other?

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