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    Sunday, February 10, 2013

    Beat The Heat With Sprite: Obey Your Thirst!

    Have you ever felt being thirsty while in the middle of a very intense basketball game or any other rigorous sporting events? Well, I have been through that numerous times. It’s definitely one of the worst feelings that I’ve experienced.

    I wanna  go all the way, non-stop like a freight train, but sadly, thirst just keeps on creeping in. But I guess it will always be that way. When we sweat during those tough and demanding times, our body responds and without us knowing it, we’re already thirsty.

    I just wanna brush my thirst off and look cool, calm, and collected. But how can I do that in a quick and refreshing way?

    I have to deal with Thirst first before anything else. I need to satisfy it quickly because Time is of the essence. I should be somewhere else working tirelessly and achieving my goals.

    Aha! Now I remember....

     “Obey Your Thirst” – Sprite

    Sprite puts it perfectly when they say “Obey Your Thirst”. For me, it’s more than just a tag-line it is a calling. A calling for us to boldly follow and satisfy our respective Thirst, be it physically, psychologically or emotionally.

    Sprite enjoins each of us to rise and seize the opportunity to satisfy our Thirst while it’s still there and not when we’re already totally dehydrated. It’s a reminder for all of us that we should act while we still can.  

    Sprite’s advocacy is very clear. Being thirsty is part of living especially when you’re moving towards a goal. What we do with our Thirst is the most important thing.  

    Me, I wanna go after my Thirst and achieve my goal. I am willing to work as fast as I can to get my hands on that much coveted prize.  How about you?

     Go ahead. Don’t think twice. Don’t mind the scorching Heat of summer. Just Obey Your Thirst and feel the cooling and uplifting effect of Sprite.

    Watch the video below! This is what happens when you Drink Sprite!

    For more Thirst Quenching updates, like Sprite on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sprite?fref=ts

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