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    Saturday, July 14, 2012

    NU Bulldogs Beat UE Red Warriors In UAAP Opening Day Game: Bulldogs Looking To Dominate The UAAP Men's Basketball!

    By Val Marvin G. Macanas

    "Dominance exhibited by NU!"

    NU totally dominated UE in all aspects of this game. That's what I told to myself right after the NU Bulldogs notched their first win in the UAAP Season 75 yesterday against the UE Red Warriors at the MOA Arena. The final score was 90-55.

    A 35 point winning margin is a rare occurrence in the UAAP Men's Senior Basketball, thus, it is but fitting to label this win as "Total Dominance!" Indeed, this is a very impressive win for the NU Bulldogs, although their win is under protest. Coach Jerry Cordiñera of the UE Red Warriors said that they will file a protest on the ground that Emmanuel Mbe wore a uniform that doesn't have a number in front, which is a clear violation of the rules of the UAAP.

    But let's not dwell on that issue. Let's just leave that matter to the UAAP Technical Committee. After all, we're here to dissect the hard-work that the Bulldogs put in just to get this W!

    Yesterday was the opening day of the UAAP at the MOA Arena. Former President, Fidel V. Ramos (FVR), an alumnus of NU graced the opening ceremonies. There were fireworks and other nice routines which was highlighted by the unveiling of the diamond structure at the MOA Aarena’s rafters. That symbolizes the league’s diamond year. NU really did a fine job in staging the opening ceremonies.

    FVR was also part of the ceremonial ball toss.

    NU won the tip. UE was very energetic at the start of the First Quarter especially on the defensive end. They even forced last year's MVP, Bobby Ray Parks to miss a couple of his three point attempts.

    NU also showed a very tight defense forcing UE to commit a 24 second shot clock violation. Then they proceeded to attack and put more pressure on UE's defense. Samuel Razon of UE fouled the very aggressive Joeffrey Javillonar who was trying to make a lay-up with 8:50 left in the first quarter clock. That was a testament on how bad Javillonar wants to help his team win.

    After that, the very stable point-guard of NU, Gelo Alolino made a lay up in the other end off Roi Sumang's missed lay up. And then, Javillonar made a putback off Henri Betayene's miss. The score was 4-0 with 6 mins. left in the First Quarter. The lone Red Warrior Roi Sumang made a floater in the 5:40 mark of the First Period to cut NU's lead down to 2, 4-2. He helped UE stay close against NU in the First Quarter despite the field goals of Parks.

    Bobby Ray Parks continued to hit his jumpers. UE stayed composed despite the rampage of Parks. Pedrito Galanza of UE made a three pointer but Ray Parks answered with a floater then Sumang made a three in the other end. The score became 8-6. The X Factor of this game, Javillonar made a two pointer making it 10-8 with 4 mins. on the First quarter clock. Gelo Alolino made another lay-up making it, 12-8 with 2:20 left on the clock. Adi Santos and Sumang of UE combining with 4 points via their lay ups, making it, 13-12, for UE with 21 secs. left in the first quarter. Sumang, surprised the UE fans as he came up with a buzzer beating 3 pointer to end the First Quarter.

    It was a very low scoring First Quarter as both sides were really aggressive on the defensive end. The first quarter ended with a score of 15-13 in favor of UE. At this point, UE seemed to be capable of beating NU. Sumang had 10 pts. and 4 steals in the first quarter alone.

    The 2nd quarter started with booming Threes coming from Parks. He hit 2 three pointers, making it 19-15, 4 pt. lead for NU. Cedric Labing-Isa also made a three, resulting to a 7 point lead for NU, 22-15 with 8:20 left in the 2nd Quarter. Spencer Rosario, who is becoming more aggressive, made a 3 making it 25-17. Still, NU is gaining momentum to pad on their lead while UE can't seem to find theirs as their energy decreased significantly. NU has a lot of shooters from the outside. They were burning the hoops that's why UE called a timeout with 6 mins. left in the 2nd. Adi Santos responded with a nice 2 pointer making the count 25-19. But in the next play he was caught elbowing De Guzman. De Guzman made both of his freethrows. UE committed a turnover, and guess what, Jeff Javillonar was ready to dive for the ball and eventually finish the play with a lay-up.. Turn over again for UE, Javillonar again in the open court, this time he finished the play with an And 1 lay-up. He is a monster in the open court. He made the score become, 32-19 for NU with 3:20 left in the 2nd. Villamor with lay up and Javillonar with another 2, making it 36-19, then Betayene stole the ball that resulted to another 2 for NU, making it 38-19 with 2:30 left in the 2nd. It was a big 23-4 run for NU since the start of the 2nd quarter. NU looking like a well oiled machine. Rosario with a short jumper and 3 pointer from Parks resulting to a 43-23 score with 36 secs. remaining in the 2nd quarter. Rosario made 4 straight points. De Guzman with a 2 pointer, and Javillionar with a buzzer beating 3, making it 48-23 at the end of the first half.

    NU is really scary. They are threatening to blow this game with open. In the 3rd quarter, NU continued to dominate the game while UE becoming weaker and weaker. The score became 63-33 in an instant. A whopping 30 point lead for NU. Neypes, Mbe, Alolino, started to score a lot for the Bulldogs. While for UE Sumang is the only one who was being aggressive. Alolino with another 3, making it 70-40 with 15 secs. left in the 3rd, then Dennice Villamor made another 2, 72-40 to end the 3rd. NU has finally stamped their class in this game.

    The 4th quarter started with Mbe's two pointer, 74-40 in the 8:50 mark of the 4th. Galanza answered with a 3, his second three in the ball game for UE making it 74-43 with 7 mins. left. Parks was fouled, made his 2 freethrows, making it 76-43 with 5 mins. remaining in the game. Mark De Guzman showing his skills made a terrific lay up 78-43 for NU with 4 mins. left. NU still showing their intensity on the floor with Roño pressuring Villarias, the point guard of UE. But Sumang, the lone Red Warrior was fighting till the very end as he made an and 1 play, 78-46 with 2:20 left in the game. Roi again attacking, was fouled, split his charities. He had 21 points and 5 rebounds in this game. Then after that, there was a pick and roll highlight from NU’s Rosario and De Guzman. Rosario finished the play with an emphatic slam jam. Wow! Seldom do I see a dunk like that, a la Derrick Rose. The game ended with a final score, 90-55. This is the 3rd straight double digit victory of NU throughout the UAAP. They beat UST, DLSU and UE via double digit margins. The hardworking Jeff Javillonar was the best player of the game with 19 points.

    Despite the protest coming from UE, Coach Eric Altamirano of NU remained calm and collected as he refused to comment on that issue. He instead praised the collectiveness of his team and their ability to follow the game plan. But then again he said that this is just any other game, they have to look forward and be ready for their next games. I can’t blame him for saying that because their next assignment will be the four time defending champion, the Ateneo De Manila Blue Eagles. That will be on July 22, 2012.

    Some Stats:

    National University (90) : J. Javillonar 19, B. Parks 16, G. Alolino 12, Rosario 10, M. De Guzman 8, D. Villamor 6, E. Mbe 4, Betayene 3, C. Labing-isa 3, Ignacio 3, Celda 2, K. Neypes 2, Perez 2, G. Khobuntin 0, Roño 0, Singh 0.

    University of The East (55) : R. Sumang 21, Galanza 8, Razon 8, Olayon 7, A. Santos 4, Belleza 2, Flores 2, Javier 2, Sumido 1, Alberto 0, Duran 0, Duncil 0, Valdez 0, Villarias 0.
    Scoring per Quarter: 13-15; 48-23; 72-40; 90-55

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