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    Thursday, June 14, 2012

    Run United 2 One of The Biggest Running Events, To Happen On Sunday, June 17, 2012: Are You A Runner? Then Check This Out!

    By: Val Marvin G. Macanas

    I am a running enthusiast and I would like to share to you some of the reasons why running is a popular sport for me. I've been into running ever-since I was in High School. I used to run a lot because I was a varsity player in basketball during my High School Days. Running in the oval serves as a part of our body conditioning and toning regimen. It improves our endurance and speed on the court and it also removes unwanted fats in our body. Personally, Running is also a part of my health regimen as it keeps my Cardio Vascular system in its tip top shape. Running provides a unique blend of resistance that keeps me healthy and fit inside and out. And also, I'm a big fan of Forrest Gump. We all know that when he is full of emotional stress, he runs a lot to sweat out his emotional baggage. I also do that even up to now. Running has been a stress reliever for me. That's probably one of the most important intangibles that running gives to me. It's a metaphor of life, that's why it will never run dry.

    If you Guys and Gals are also a big fan of running, be sure to check out the marathon event this coming Sunday, June 17, 2012, that's entitled as "Run United RUN RIO Trilogy 2 2012".

    From the Keyword "UNITED" in the title itself you'll feel that there will be a lot of running enthusiast that will flock into the event.

    A total of 13,000 runners participated at the Run United 1. I'm sure that the number of participants will have a significant increase in the Run United 2 because of the growing popularity of running in the Philippines.

    In fact, earlier this morning, I was told that the total number of participants for the Run United 2 has already exceeded the total number of participants in the Run United 1. A whopping 14,000 runners are expected to sign up in all the categories (500m dash for kids, 3k, 5k, 10k and 21k) for the much-awaited run race on Sunday.

    By the way, the King of Running in the Philippines, Mr. Rio Dela Cruz and other big time celebrities will be at the event on Sunday. If you wanna see them in person, you might as well go to MOA on Sunday. Be there as early as possible.

    For more info with regard to the marathon event, you may check the promo poster and other links below.

    Aside from a number of participants and Celebrities, you should also expect to see different booths in the event. Here are some of them:

    • Active Kids Zone: a daycare center where activities such as puppet shows, art classes, among others await the runners’ children.
    • Runners’ Lounge Zone: after the race, runners can reward themselves here where they can try the ice cooling stations, free stretching services of physical therapists, among others for faster recovery.
    • i-Connect Zone: where runners can share the Run United experience in social networking sites with free wi-fi connection in digital stations.
    • Health, Sports and Leisure Zone: where runners can participate in activities and challenges that promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Participants also get a chance to win prizes.
    • Food Zone: Food treats galore where runners can load up on protein, carbo and health drinks to recover fast and stay healthy.
    All Run United 2 finishers for the 500m, 3K, 5K and 10K categories will receive an Active Health sling bag, drinks, and race analysis. 21K runners will receive a finisher’s medal, finisher’s shirt, Active Health sling bag, drinks, and race analysis.

    From the looks of it, the event promises to be really really big. So, are you free this coming Sunday, June 17, 2012? If yes, then see you guys and gals at the venue! I'll be there to cover the much awaited Marathon Event. And also as a special note, Run United races are for the benefit of the health program of Gawad Kalinga (Gawad Kalusugan) and the Children’s Hour. Thus, when you support the event, in effect you're also doing something for the community.

    For more information about the Run United and Active Health, be sure to check out these websites: www.unilabactivehealth.com and www.runrio.com as well as their respective fan pages on Facebook and Twitter. The race results will be available within 3 days after the race.


    Ivan Saldajeno said...

    I want to join, but I have to do some weekend errands.

    Mintiscool06 said...

    I'm sure it will be a fun event. :) Running as a passion!!! woohoo!

    Alec Banez said...

    so Interestinggggg =) sarap sumama! =)))) RUNRUNRUN! =))

    Unknown said...

    This looks interesting and fun! :)

    elaine cervania said...

    looks fun :D leggo :D

    Myriam Diaz Javier said...

    Me Too, I wanna run on Sunday. :)hehe. I'll bring my cute dog.. :))

    Jaylord Montances said...

    Running Enthusiast Hear Here!!! :) Mark this Day.

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