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    Sunday, June 10, 2012

    Bradley Beats Pacquiao In A Scripted Fight?: Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 Is Within The Horizon!

    Okay, this is now very clear to me. Before I was wondering why Bradley kept on mentioning in his interviews, several days ago, that he's willing to give Manny Pacquiao a second fight even if their first fight has not yet found its conclusion. I kinda find that weird because he looks very confident, as if he will give Pacquiao a great fight. A fight that's so good, that it will satisfy the boxing fans all over the world. Leaving them drooling for a second fight. I mean, Juan Manuel Marquez never acted like that before. He was well down to earth unlike Bradley. Well, I'm not asking too much from Bradley because he needs to have a right dose of confidence in front of Manny, but to ask a second fight even if the first one has not yet ended, for me, that's already being overconfident. It was as if he already knows that people will crave for a second fight after the first one. That there will be a BIG reason why there has to be a second fight. Apparently, there is.

    The day of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight finally came. Right from the very start when the first bell rang and when Manny launched his first punch up to the last round I saw that he clearly had the upper hand and that he was able to dominate this fight. His bounce, his swagger, his poise, his concentration, and his killer instinct were all there. Bradley can't seem to find the right answers to solve Manny's ridiculous punches. But sadly, in the end, after 12 rounds of boxing, it was a split decision favoring Tim Bradley. The judges have it 115-113 for Pacquiao, 115-113 for Bradley, and 115-113 for Bradley. I was shocked at the result!

    After 3 minutes, I suddenly found a connection between the bragging acts of Bradley (he was so sure that there will be a 2nd fight on November 10) with the split decision of the judges in favor of Bradley. Aha! Now I know. That's probably the reason why he is overconfident coming into this fight. He should have tamed himself a little bit. It would have made it less obvious.

    So, shall we see Pacquiao vs. Bradley Part 2? I'm sure it will happen. It already has a promo poster.

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    Anonymous said...

    its not a fixed fight.manny pacquiao fight two times a year and before this fight they announce that hes fighting on NOV 10 against bradley if bradley wins or somebody else..what you in this photo is just another one of bradley's mind games to mess with manny's head before the fight.im sure both guys has got nothing to with it. Because if you gonna fix the fight you have to make it a arguable one like marquez 3 a close fight not in dominating way like this.. in my opinion not fixed.

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