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    Tuesday, June 12, 2012

    Adizero Crazy Light 2 Philippine Launch To Be Out On June 16, 2012: Price, Pictures, Review, Colors and More!

    By: Val Marvin G. Macanas

    Thicker, stronger, more responsive, but Lighter than the first version of the Crazy Light at only 9.5 ounces? Looks ridiculous, right? But Adidas really continues to prove that Impossible is nothing. After 4 years of extensive research, they have successfully Launched the new Adizero Crazy Light 2 at the Moro Lorenzo Sports Complex in the Ateneo De Manila University last June 7, 2012. Well, I was there to witness and cover how the Crazy Light 2 was considered to be Light Done Right at 9.5!

    Unlike the previous Adidas Launch events that I had the privilege to attend, the Launch of the Crazy Light 2 was more engaging because the media had to undergo a series of basketball drills that are designed to improve one's footwork, agility, core strength and endurance. I personally enjoyed every minute of it because I was using a lighter and a very reliable shoe, in the Crazy Light 2. And also, I was inspired because we were being watched by top basketball players in the Philippines. That's a rare opportunity. Who knows, one of us might have that one big break! LOL.

    While I was doing the basketball drills, I was able to notice some notable improvements in this shoe. Based on the playing experience that I had with it. Here are my observations.

    1. It has a softer feel when I slid my foot inside the shoe, primarily because of the improved cushioning that it has. The shank of the shoe now has a thicker and softer rubber compared to the one that's found in the first version of the Crazy Light. It provides better impact absorption when I did the basketball drills. It also improved my lift when I tried to shoot the ball in several instances. For me, the shoe is already very comfortable using the default insoles what more if I use the Adidas Crazy Comfort insoles. Thus, for overall comfort, I give this shoe a 10/10 grade.

    2. It now has a better lock-down support because of the thicker sprint frame that it has. The sprint frame of this shoe is made of 3 layers for a much improved lock-down support. When I did the foot-work drills using this shoe, I had a much easier time in lifting my whole lower body because the shoe has a nice lock-down support and at the same time it is lighter compared to other performance rubber-shoes. And also, because of the 3 layered upper of the shoe, in effect, it becomes more durable. It also becomes more stylish because its upper-most layer has a glossy covering. With regard to the lock-down support and style of the shoe, I'll give it a 9/10 score. One important reminder is that make sure you find the size that fits perfectly to your feet because the shoe has a tight lock-down support. If you have a wide feet, get a shoe that has a bigger allowance.

    3. It has a better grip compared to the previous version because of the much improved detail of the out-soles of the shoe. The previous one only has a one directional corrugated out-sole. And also, due to the much improved out-sole I kinda feel that this shoe can also be used outdoors. Look at the detail of the out-sole. I had an easier time maneuvering to the rim with this shoe. I also had an easier time in shifting from left to right when I attacked the rim because of the multi-directional pattern that the out-sole has. 9/10 grade for the shoe grip factor.

    4. It has better ankle and lateral support because of the extended durable plastic to support the ankle, and the extended outrigger in the outer side of the shoe is just awesome. It provides optimum balance for the foot whenever it moves laterally and leans side-wards. The shoe also has more aerodynamic factor for a better shoe movement. The sprint frame and the sprint web not only improved the support of this shoe, they also promote a more natural movement for the foot. I personally felt that when I moved my foot in an inward direction after a cross over. For the foot support factor, I'll give this shoe a 10/10 grade. Try playing with this shoe and you'll feel the difference.

    5. It is also a smarter shoe compared to the first version because it features a micoach speed_cell™ capability. You just have to install the micoach chip and you're good to go. You can see how far you've been, how high you've jumped...etc.. You just have to download the micoach app and then sync the chip to your smartphones after your workout.

    Price and Colorways

    The Crazy Light 2 costs 7,995 pesos. It is available in several colorways. The first set of colorways that will be available in the Philippines on June 16, 2012 are the Electricity colorway (LIME green), the metallic finished BLACK/white/red and the GREY/black/white colorway. See them in actual on June 16 in your favorite adidas stores. More colorways will be out on June 21, 2012.

    Important things to remember about the shoe:

    Performance shoe model: Adidas Crazy Light 2
    Colorways available in the Philippines: Electricity colorway (LIME green), the metallic finished BLACK/white/red and the GREY/black/white colorway. More colors to come.
    Recommended for: All positions in Basketball from Point-guards up to Centers.
    Overall grade: 9/10
    Price: 7,995
    Where to buy: All leading adidas outlets nationwide starting on June 16, 2012

    Here's A video about the Crazy Light 2.


    Anonymous said...

    Can you play outdoors with the Crazly Light 2?

    Mintiscool06 said...

    Yes you can use it outdoors, according to the designer. :) But atleast, choose a smooth court to play on.. :)

    Carlo Alcano said...

    I just bought one lime green adizero crazy light when i had may vacation in Malaysia last week. It's only about 550RM (Malaysian Ringgit). I already used it twice here in Gensan city and it's really a great shoes! One of the best shoes produced by adidas! Keep it up guys!

    ballerspinas said...

    Yes. :) But choose a clean court para swabe....

    Jefferson Endenerio said...

    my combination po ba na white and grey!!!!

    ballerspinas said...

    meron sa adidas greenbelt 3 tsaka sa adidas MOA.

    Bryan said...

    how much na po ang adizero crazy light 2 ngyn?

    ballerspinas said...

    same price parin eh.. :) try mo punta sa adidas tutuban centermall baka maka mura ka... marami daw silang bagong products dun eh.. :)

    marky said...

    meron po bang adizer na 1000+

    dexter said...

    basta alam ko lang meron na ako nyan

    Rafael said...

    Meron pa po bang stock ng crazy light 2 aluminum grey and blue??? kahit sa sm bacoor po o kaya po sa the district?

    nick said...

    meron po bang adizerong crazy light na pam bata?

    patrick said...

    mga magkano naman po yang adizero

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