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    Monday, May 14, 2012

    How To Whiten Yellowish Rubbershoes Shank and Make Them Look New Again

    Wanna make your old shoes look like new again like this shoe below? This s

    If yes, you're in the right place because I discovered a solution to somehow restore the original white color and features of your shoe shank. The shoe shank, most of the time becomes yellowish after several months of usage. I tried using different solutions to make it white again and look brand new but I failed. But I didn't stop from there. I tried asking my comrades if they know a solution that will answer the long standing question, how to whiten a yellowish shoe shank?

    The solution came in when my cousin introduced me to an Acrylic Paint that's made to adapt perfectly to the white color of a shoe shank. Here's a picture of the product. It's different from ordinary white paints that you can buy at the Hardware Store because it is permanent, water resistant, flexible when dry and it has a unique color called Titanium White that's the same with most of the original color of the shoe shanks. It will appear like the original coating of the shoe shank without the risk of creasing because it's flexible.

    My cousin gave a sample to me. The acrylic paint that he sent to me costs 260 pesos. The product's name is "Acrylique Acrylic". For me it's already an affordable price considering the convenience and happiness of being able to restore my old shoe back to its usual form. Later on, if you wanna buy a bottle, just let me know by placing your orders and numbers in the comment box. I'll tell you how you can buy one.

    Here's how I restored the color of my shoe shank using the paint:

    1. I first brushed the whole outer part of shoe using an old toothbrush with a solution that's made of a pinch of toothpaste and 7 drops of vinegar. After brushing the outer part of the shoe, wash the outer part of the shoes with water to remove the toothpaste.

    2. After that I wiped the shoe for it to dry up and then I placed it in front of the electric fan for 5 minutes.

    3. And then I proceeded to put the first layer of the Acrylic Paint using my finger. I preferred to use my finger because I noticed that it is more even and more finer than using a paint brush. Make sure you put it on evenly on all parts of the shank. Remember that the first layer is very important.

    4. Wait for the first layer to dry up. Wait for atleast 5-10 minutes then put the second layer of the paint. Wait again for it to dry up perfectly.

    5. Apply the 3rd layer. If you are not yet satisfied, you can go for 3 more layers if you want.

    6. That's it. Congratulations. You have restored your shoe.


    obey27 said...

    san poh na bibili acrylique?

    Anonymous said...

    To those who want to buy, add and message ballerspinas pinoy on Facebook. don't forget to provide your name and location...

    Anonymous said...

    Can you please post before and after pics, thanks! :)

    Dave Macapagal said...

    Hi tried sending the ballerspinas fb account but it failed also sent a pm but got no response. Hoping to order "Acrylique Acrylic".

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