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    Monday, March 19, 2012

    Unique Summer Activities For You: More Adventure and More Fun This Summer 2012 With Spyder Gears!

    "Be Active This Summer While Wearing Spyder Gears!"

    During the first week of March 2012, PAG-ASA (Philippine Athmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration) has already announced that Summer 2012 is already on in the Philippines. Thus, stylish Spyder Shades as well as their other outdoor accessories are also on! Use them as you take your outdoor activities and adventures to the higher level. The Heat is On with Spyder, so don't be scared to face the sun as Spyder got your back whether you're doing an ordinary outdoor activity like strolling in the Park with your friends or acting like a daredevil while climbing a mountain.

    Of course, you need optimum and efficient eye and head protection when you go out and do your planned activities. That’s the point where Spyder Shades and Head Protective Gears come into play. Their products have well developed technologies that will help you to effectively break records after records when you use them while doing your outdoor activities. Polartech and Grilamid are just two of the technologies that Spyder utilize in the production of their Sunglasses. Polartech reduces the glare that the sun causes while Grilamid promotes a more flexible and a more durable frame for Spyder Sunglasses. That’s how nice their shades are.

    Talking about taking your outdoor activities and adventures to a whole new "UNIQUE LEVEL", why not try these cool stuffs below that will push you out of your comfort zones and will unravel your hidden potentials. Don’t be overwhelmed, after all, Summer is all about change, changing for the better and going beyond your limitations.

    A Whole New Motoring Experience

    Tired of the ordinary biking and motor experience, you can try "Extreme Sports Philippines". It’s a place in Puerto Galera where you can try mud karting, go karting and zorb balls. Mud Karting is definitely a must try if you’re looking for a new Motoring experience because it will give you a more challenging course and a more fun driving experience especially if you’re wearing Spyder Helmets and Shades. Don’t fear the glaring sun and head injuries while going through the muddy course because Spyder Sunglasses and Helmets are there to assist and help you along the way.

    Sand Boarding in Ilocos, anyone?

    Well, if you’re looking for a hot outdoor activity that can definitely make you shed those unwanted fats to bring out the healthier you, Sand Boarding in Ilocos is a must try for you. It is fun and healthy at the same time.

    In this activity, you can use both the Spyder Shades and the Spyder Protective Gears. Fend off the heat of the sun with those sporty Spyder Shades and remove the risk of having head and other body injuries while wearing Spyder Helmets and Protective Gears.

    How About Base Jumping…

    Take your jumping adventure to a whole new level by trying out Base Jumping. It is an activity that demands mental toughness as you will have to jump from a high altitude such as from the top of a building or from a roof top. The difference of this activity to Bungee Jumping is that there will be no rope to go along with you as you reach your landing spot. You will only be given a parachute that should open as you go down to your landing spot. I’ve seen some dudes doing Base Jumping in The Fort Taguig. That means you don’t have to go out of town just to experience this one. It can definitely pump up your blood and drive your adrenaline level crazy. Just wear proper Spyder Gears such as their Shades/Sunglasses for better vision under the glaring sun so that you can reach your landing spot properly and also, use Spyder Helmets and Protective Gears for injury prevention.

    Have you heard of Cave Diving?

    It is a more challenging way of going through caves because you just don’t go pass caves wherein you go from one end to another. In this one, you will have to dive into the cave to see the hidden beauty underneath the crust of the earth. You will be given a rare opportunity to probe deep into the earth's crust. Well, the Protective Head Gears of Spyder will come in handy when you try adventure sports such as this one.

    Sagada is one of the ideal places in the Philippines where you can try Cave Diving. It is a place located in the Mountain Province. The place has deep caves, so deep that the old folks there are claiming that the caves extend down to the ends of the earth. Don’t be scared of bats and falling debris inside the caves because Spyder Helmets are there to protect you. Just put them on and you'll be 100% safe.

    For the Athletes: Cross Training In The Beach!

    Okay, I've seen a lot of athletes do outdoor workouts and other activities that can further improve their respective skills, but how about doing cross training in the beach such as in the sands of Boracay. You just don’t run, jump and exercise in the sands, you will also build leaner muscles at the same time because of the resistance that the sands will give when you do your workout. In doing this activity, be sure to wear a pair of rubbershoes, Spyder Shades and Spyder Gears so that your training will be safer and more incremental to your well being and growth as an athlete.

    The Spyder Gears!

    Here are the Spyder Outdoor Gears that I’m mentioning. They are indeed nice looking and they look very durable, perfect for outdoor activities. Thank you Spyder for making it your vision to help us enjoy our summer adventures more.

    Wrapping it Up!

    Those that I mentioned above are just few of the hundred more things that you can do this Summer of 2012 if you want to be more active, healthier, and more adventurous. But if you want to try my adventure trips above, I would be more than willing to assist you. Join me and Spyder as we take your Summer 2012 experience to a higher level. And oh, before I end this post, remember to always bring with you your cameras so that you can capture every moment of your Summer 2012 because I believe that Summer adventures are always memorable as they can take your breath away, more so if you're wearing Spyder Gears because they are classy and stylish at the same time. Hooray and Enjoy your Summer 2012 guys!

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