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    Wednesday, March 7, 2012

    Angel Guirado's Statement Regarding Locker Room Incident Involving Miss Cristy Ramos: Read It Here Now!

    By: Val Marvin Macanas

    After being silent for several days despite being bombarded by several different questions regarding the incident that happened inside the locker room prior to one of their football matches, the Spanish-Filipino Football Player and a prominent member of the very famous Philippine Azkals, Angel Guirado has finally replied to the allegations of Miss Cristy Ramos.

    Using his Twitter account, Angel said in Spanish:

    If you can't understand what he said because its in Spanish, here's a very nice translation of his statement courtesy of "Usapangfootball". Here:

    "Thank you very much to all, it's really intense (to see, I guess...) what people can do for getting some prominence. First of all, I was in short pants, and even if I was in briefs only, I'm in a locker room changing clothes for play, they have to ask for permission before coming in and if you come in be aware of all the consequences, but, from that to tell me that is sexual harassment, that's a big word(?) and the press should ask me about it before publishing anything, I think that's not fair at all and they had played(maybe toyed?) with the life of a person, I hope they rectify those comments, a hug for everyone."

    Angel Guirado's manager Mr. Rafael Garcia seconded his statement by saying that Guirado was indeed wearing shorts that time.

    Another person who's involved in the said incident, Mr. Lexton Moy, has already spoken. Just like their manager Mr. Dan Palami, he also apologized to Miss Cristy Ramos.

    But the question now is, will this controversy detrimentally affect the high hopes of the Philippine Azkals as they try to be successful in the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup in Nepal? I hope not.

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