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    Wednesday, February 8, 2012

    Jim Saret's 4-Minute Body Workout: Build Muscle and Burn 600 Calories In Just 4 Minutes A day!

    By: Val Marvin Macanas

    Just like majority of you guys, I'm quite a busy person. I'm always in front of my laptop doing some blog posts. And, one detrimental effects of that sedentariness is weight gain.

    I've been wanting to reduce my weight but my tight schedule won't permit me to change my life style. I've done a lot of after 6 diet regimens, but I still can't see any significant weight reduction. Until one day I came across Mr. Jim Saret's 4 Minute Work-out.

    I started doing his work-out last week and since then I lost 2 pounds. From 151 pounds, my current weight now is only 149 pounds. Sounds good right? At 5'7, I think that's the ideal weight for me. Thank you Sir. Jim!

    By the way, I listen to my body a lot. When I feel weak, I don't do Coach Jim's 4 Minute Workout. I just do it when I'm feeling good. Usually I do it in the afternoon. In that way, I can really do it efficiently.

    I can feel that you also want to lessen your body weight because that's the most obvious reason why you're here. Worry no more because here's the very effective 4-Minute Workout of Jim Saret. I did these steps in just 4 minutes, so can you.

    1. Do 10 Jumping Jacks.

    2. Do 10 Squats. It's better if you'll hold a dumbbell while doing the body squats.

    3. Do 10 push-ups. Do this slowly for better results.

    4. Do 10 lunges. 10 lunges for each leg.

    5. Repeat the process from Step number 1 to Step number 4 if you still have spare time.


    Anonymous said...

    2 lbs in 1 weak is nothing, erase that bragging line. follow scott herman via youtube. search for house work out and get better results. one more thing. burn more than you eat.

    Anonymous said...

    it's WEEK not weak..before you bash check your spelling

    Anonymous said...

    haha...weak talaga?? baka nga weak ka? 4min work out worked for 4 me! 8lbs in 3 wks? how abt that??

    WEH said...

    Sorry, but you burn more than 500 calories running fro 1 hour. Could be more. Actual calories burned depends on your weight and speed but it's definitely more than 500 an hour.

    Tonie said...

    No one in the entire planet makes this claim but Mr. Saret....not in the US, Europe or Australia. This is a complete myth with no sampling from credible sport med professionals or facilities. If you do this set of exercises 15 times (15x), you can burn 600 cals but NOT in 4 mins.

    Tonie said...

    Mayo Clinic, world leader in medicine says this 4 min workout burns 600 cals NOT possible Will ONLY tinyurl.com/l6v5dwx

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