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    Wednesday, February 15, 2012

    Frankie Lim and Other San Beda Players Might Suffer Suspension From NCAA Season 88 After San Beda Brawl Last Year


    After the tragic brawl that happened inside the San Beda College Gym last December 2011, the persons who were involved in the brawl might face severe sanctions.

    Lo and Behold, earlier today, a report saying that the Red Lions could still play in the NCAA Season 88, but they might play without their head coach Mr. Frankie Lim as he may suffer a 1- year suspension.

    Along with Coach Lim, Ola Adeogun, Melo Lim and Julius Armon might also suffer game suspensions. I read that Ola might be suspended for 5 games, Armon might receive a 4 game suspension and Melo Lim might be tagged with a 2 game suspension. Other San Beda players who have something to do with the incident might be tagged with 1 game suspension each.

    But those respective penalties for the aforementioned members of the Red Lions will still depend on how the NCAA Policy Board will react on the recommended penalties of the NCAA Management Committee.


    Anonymous said...

    The whole San Beda team might not play upholding the value "UNITY" "ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL"

    Anonymous said...

    Ignorance. Frankie Lim has helped San Beda's basketball team and made them into an elite squad. But, when verbal slurs and racist remarks are thrown in the fray.. Do we tolerate it? No. The punishment is just.

    This fight should have never happened and both sides should be really embarassed ans ashamed of it.

    Anonymous said...

    Frankie Lim as I saw him through the years: Frankie was a good NCAA high school player as as San Beda Cub. He played hard but I never saw or heard of him intentionally hurting another co-player...even in his PBA career. Frankie also played well in his San Beda senior years. As a PBA Pro, Frankie was reliable until he had a knee injury that needed an operation. Usually, pro basketball athletes who suffer knee injuries do not recover their old style and hustle. It's a psychological thingy. But Frankie did not have that mindset. He recovered pretty well and when he was a member of the Shell team, Frankie would be called upon during crucial moments to rally the team and take the buzzer beater shots that would win the game. Then he retired from Pro Basketball. By the time I knew it, I was reading about Frankie Lim's return to his alma mater San Beda Red Lions as head coach. The rest is history with Frankie and his Red Lions' many REPEATS as champions in the NCAA.

    Yes, that brawl was a sad incident. But those things happen and tempers get the better of anyone sometimes. Frankie, as a Gentleman Athlete that he impressed me to be all these years, knows what he did and he has taken responsibility and the consequences of his actions by resigning as coach of the San Beda Red Lions.

    "In prosperity, your friends know you. In adversity, you know your friends."

    Lessons learned. When Frankie decides to get back into coaching once again, surely he will have a lot of wisdom to impart to his players.

    True athletes remain athletes forever.

    Big Kahuna

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