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    Monday, November 21, 2011

    NCAA Season 87 Volleyball Schedule of Games At Ninoy Aquino Stadium

    This is the game schedule of the NCAA Season 87 Volleyball that I got from NCAA.Org.ph. The games will start on November 23, 2011 at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium. This schedule includes the Juniors, Men's and Women's games.

    The sad part is that not all the games will be televised on Studio 23 and I think they will only televise the latter part of this schedule below. You better watch the games live at the venue if you want to experience NCAA Volleyball.

    November 23, 2011, Wednesday (NINOY AQUINO STADIUM)
    9:00am UPHSD vs. LPU JRS.
    10:00am UPHSD vs. LPU WOMENS
    11:00am UPHSD vs. LPU MENS
    1:00pm AU vs. MIT WOMENS
    2:00pm AU vs. MIT MENS

    November 25, 2011, Friday (SAN BEDA GYM)
    8:00am SBC vs. SSC-R JRS
    9:00am SBC vs. SSC-R WOMENS
    10:00am SBC vs. SSC-R MENS
    1:00pm CSJL vs. JRU WOMENS
    2:00pm CSJL vs. JRU MENS

    November 26, 2011, Saturday (NINOY AQUINO STADIUM)
    8:00am CSB vs. EAC JRS
    9:00am CSB vs. EAC WOMENS
    10:00am CSB vs. EAC MENS
    1:00pm MIT vs. UPHSD WOMENS
    2:00pm MIT vs. UPHSD MENS

    November 28, 2011, Monday (NINOY AQUINO STADIUM)
    8:00am SSC-R vs. AU JRS
    9:00am SSC-R vs. AU WOMENS
    10:00am SSC-R vs. AU MENS
    1:00pm JRU vs. SBC WOMENS
    2:00pm JRU vs. SBC MENS

    November 30, 2011, Wednesday (Colegio de San Juan de Letran GYM)
    8:00am EAC vs. CSJL JRS.
    9:00am EAC vs. CSJL WOMENS
    10:00am EAC vs. CSJL MENS
    1:00pm LPU vs. CSB JRS.
    2:00pm LPU vs. CSB WOMENS
    3:00pm LPU vs. CSB MENS

    December 2, 2011, Friday (SAN BEDA GYM)
    8:00am UPHSD vs. SSC-R JRS
    9:00am UPHSD vs. SSC-R WOMENS
    10:00am UPHSD vs. SSC-R MENS
    1:00pm AU vs. JRU WOMENS
    2:00pm AU vs. JRU MENS

    December 3, 2011, Saturday (Colegio de San Juan de Letran GYM)
    8:00am CSJL vs. CSB JRS
    9:00am CSJL vs. CSB WOMENS
    10:00am CSJL vs. CSB MENS
    1:00pm SBC vs. EAC JRS
    2:00pm SBC vs. EAC WOMENS
    3:00pm SBC vs. EAC MENS

    December 5, 2011, Monday (Colegio de San Juan de Letran GYM)
    8:00am MIT vs. LPU WOMENS
    9:00am MIT vs. LPU MENS
    10:00am JRU vs. UPHSD WOMENS
    11:00am JRU vs. UPHSD MENS

    December 7, 2011, Wednesday (NINOY AQUINO STADIUM)
    8:00am EAC vs. AU JRS
    9:00am EAC vs. AU WOMENS
    10:00am EAC vs. AU MENS
    1:00pm CSB vs. SBC JRS
    2:00pm CSB vs. SBC WOMENS
    3:00pm CSB vs. SBC MENS

    December 9, 2011, Friday (Colegio de San Juan de Letran GYM)
    8:00am LPU vs. CSJL JRS
    9:00am LPU vs. CSJL WOMENS
    10:00am LPU vs. CSJL MENS
    1:00pm SSC-R vs. MIT WOMENS
    2:00pm SSC-R vs. MIT MENS

    December 10, 2011, Saturday (Colegio de San Juan de Letran GYM)
    8:00am UPHSD vs. EAC JRS
    9:00am UPHSD vs. EAC WOMENS
    10:00am UPHSD vs. EAC MENS
    1:00pm CSB vs. AU JRS
    2:00pm CSB vs. AU WOMENS
    3:00pm CSB vs. AU MENS

    December 12, 2011, Monday (NINOY AQUINO STADIUM)
    8;00am SBC vs. CSJL JRS
    9:00am SBC vs. CSJL WOMENS
    10:00am SBC vs. CSJL MENS
    1:00pm MIT vs. JRU WOMENS
    2:00pm MIT vs. JRU MENS

    December 14, 2011, Wednesday (NINOY AQUINO STADIUM)
    8:00am UPHSD vs. CSB JRS
    9:00am UPHSD vs. CSB WOMENS
    10:00am UPHSD vs. CSB MENS
    1:00pm JRU vs. SSC-R WOMENS
    2:00pm JRU vs. SSC-R MENS

    December 16, 2011, Friday (SAN BEDA GYM)
    8:00am SSC-R vs. LPU JRS
    9:00am SSC-R vs. LPU WOMENS
    10:00am SSC-R vs. LPU MENS
    1:00pm AU vs. SBC JRS.
    2:00pm AU vs. SBC WOMENS
    3:00pm AU vs. SBC MENS

    December 17, 2011, Saturday (NINOY AQUINO STADIUM)
    8:00am CSJL vs. UPHSD JRS
    9:00am CSJL vs. UPHSD WOMENS
    10:00am CSJL vs. UPHSD MENS
    1:00pm EAC vs. MIT WOMENS
    2:00pm EAC vs. MIT MENS


    Anonymous said...

    we are not students anymore and we weren't part of any of these schools but we love volleyball.Can we watch though?will we be allowed to get into the gym?


    Anonymous said...

    Of course Eugene... you can watch the games live. ;D

    Anonymous said...

    Where can i watch this at T.V?

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