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    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    Manny Pacquiao Beat Juan Manuel Marquez A While Ago: The Trilogy Has Ended!

    The Photo Came From sportsillustrated.cnn.com

    Source: www.Bomboradyo.com

    Manny Pacquiao can definitely say that he beat Marquez!

    The Mexicans are saying that their fighter, Juan Manuel Marquez beat Manny Pacquiao in their boxing match a while ago in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and that he should have been declared as the winner and not Pac-Man. At first I felt that they have a point in saying that because Manny was not in his usual self in the ring this time. In short, Manny was not able to knock Juan Manuel Marquez down. But on a second thought, it's not the knockdown that counts in this high level of professional boxing between these two future Hall of Famers, rather, it's the quality of punches that Manny threw that led to his victory.

    So for me, it's wiser for the viewers to take a look at the tally of punches that both of the fighters threw in their boxing match a while ago.

    Apparently the fight statistics will clearly show to all of us that indeed the judges are right in giving this fight to the 8-Division World Champion Manny Pacquiao.

    The computer box showed after the fight that there are a total of 578 punches that Manny Pacquiao threw against Marquez and out of those punches 176 of them landed successfully on Marquez. While on the other hand, it also showed that Marquez threw a total of 436 punches and out of those punches only 138 of them successfully landed on Manny's face.

    In terms of jabs thrown, Manny also got the upper hand as he had 59 successful jabs out of 304 attempts while MArquez only had 38 successful jabs out of 182 attempts.

    And also with regard to the successful number of power punches that shook both fighters core, Manny once again got the upper hand. He had 117 successful power punches out 274 attempts while Marquez only had 100 successful power punches out of 254 attempts.

    Those stats really backed up the majority decision of the judges. Take a look at the score cards. Judge Robert Hoyle scored 114-114 all, Dave Moretti scored 115-113 in favor of Manny and also Glenn Trowbridge scored 116-112 also for Pacquiao.

    Now it is very clear, Manny really won this trilogy. He can definitely say that he beat Marquez. And since a fourth fight rarely happens between two fighters in the World of Boxing... consider this fight as the formal closure of the very historic trilogy of Manny and Juan Manuel....

    And as a Filipino I just would like to say, Thank You to Manny and Juan Manuel for making November 12, 2011 an unforgettable day.


    Anonymous said...

    Now it's clear for everyone. Especially to the Mexicans.

    Anonymous said...

    still not a convincing win...before the fight, a knock out or lopsided win will end the controversy, as what Manny also answered during his interview before the fight...but still there's more in Marquez countering Manny. Winning the fight was already a given situation for Manny but a solid decision is what we are looking for here, that's why it was called the Trilogy...same as what happened to Morales previously...I wish I just watched it over the live-streaming, and not in ppv, much more those who watched in MGM - no wonder lots of booo... I'm excited for Gayweather VS Pacquiao, I hope Manny will be more intelligent to make his plan

    Anonymous said...

    I agree with you pre, hinde rin yon ang expectation ng nakakarami, although alam naman nating mananalo talaga si Manny pero kung tingnan natin ang betting ratio 7:1 iba pa nga 9:1 kc hinde to maging Trilogy kung walang solid na maging basehan...ang nangyari kc, imbes na si Marquez ang susugod (kc sya nga ang challenger), si Manny pa ang naging agresibo kaya tuloy hinde napagod si Marquez at since counter-puncher si marquez, nakikita nya pag susugod si Manny...Manny was fell into the trap of Marquez, alam naman natin na yon ang style ni Manny kaya sya gusto ng mga tao, pero sa corner ni Manny sinabi na ni Boboy na wag syang sumunod, or pasok-labas ang style dapat pero hinde ginawa ni Manny. Still proud of Manny pero hinde natin nabura sa isipan ng mga fans ang doubts sa mga accusations ni Marquez, kung bumagsak sana yon kahit isa lang...pwede na matawag na SULIT...

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