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    Wednesday, November 30, 2011

    Chris Paul Going To Boston Celtics? CP3: My Heart Belongs To?

    The NBA Trade Rumors are getting more interesting as it now involves two of the best point guards in the NBA- Hornets' Chris Paul and Celtics' Rajon Rondo. In the trade rumor, it is said that the Boston Celtics are more than willing to trade Rajon Rondo and an additional big man just to get Chris Paul.

    Majority of the Celtics' fans feel good about the rumored trade based on their online argument that the Celtics need to upgrade their point guard position. I also feel the same for the Celts. They really need to improve on their point guard spot. They need a point guard who can score and who can help the aging Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. Allen and Pierce are not that young anymore. They are now on their early thirties and their playing minutes on the court are getting shorter and shorter. They need a leader and a scorer who can take over on the court when they are on the bench.

    For one, I want Chris Paul on the Celtics because I believe that he and Rondo are somehow have the same ability to create and orchestrate plays for their teammates. We've seen that throughout the course of their respective careers in the NBA. That's why I don't see any reason why CP3 won't fit in with the Celtics' style of playing. The Celtics and the Hornets' used a box offense that's full of weak-side and off-side screens to free up their shooters. CP3 loves that kind of offense because he is a pick and pop shooter. He will provide more offense alternatives on the Celtics' offense and he will lighten up the burden of Ray Allen and Paul Pierce on the offensive end. We all know that that's the weakness of Rondo, he can't consistently shoot the ball unlike CP3. In CP3 you'll get a shooter, a scorer, a leader, and a point guard on the floor. He is better than Rondo, pound for pound. And that's why the Celtics' president, Danny Ainge is trying his very best to get CP3 in exchange for Rondo. He's acting really fast as New York is also going after CP3.

    CP3 is better than Rondo. Just take a look at their averages.

    Rondo averaged 10.6 points and 11.2 assists last season, while Paul averaged 15.8 per game and 9.8 assists.

    But the biggest problem for the Celtics is that CP3 seems to believe in Confucius' saying, that "Wherever you go, go with your heart." CP3's heart belongs to New Orleans. He has said that time and time again when he's being asked by the media about his possible future career moves.

    Yesterday morning, he was once again interviewed by the media in a charity event in New York City regarding the rumored trade. He replied:

    "I try not to pay attention to all that different type of stuff," Paul said. "My heart is in New Orleans."


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    yeh idol

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    weh??? rondo is still the #1 point guard of boston celtics

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