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    Saturday, September 17, 2011

    Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Stolen Punch vs. Victor Ortiz In Their Bout Earlier September 2011

    Today, I learned a very important lesson from the self-proclaimed pound-for-pound king, Floyd Mayweather Jr. after he beat Voctor Ortiz in their bout a while ago in the start of the 4th round via a stolen punch. Remember, "never approach a girl especially if you don't know her status because you might get slapped on your face."

    Here's the punch that changed the complexion of boxing for the rest of the century:


    Anonymous said...

    hope that manny will not entertain that gayweather instead fight other warriors of boxing..

    Anonymous said...

    that will happen also to pacquiao!notice how pacquiao fought espn counted 100 times na yapos and 75 times n touch gloves kay mosley!go mayweather ko pacman!

    Anonymous said...

    Mabuhay, Kumusta na Ko? Good Evening, To All Boxing Media, Press, PRO Boxing Fans, Sponsors, & PRO Boxing Supporters. "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather Jr. Won the Fight Versus Victor Ortiz Fair & Square If Anyone is to Take Blame or Responsibility for Controversy It Should be Mr. Victor Ortiz for Intentional Head Butt of "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather Jr. in Round 4 of WBC Welterweight Title Fight. "Give Credit Where Credit is DUE, Team Mayweather Jr. May Dish Out A Lot Of Trash Talk, GARBAGE, But When He Steps Into the Boxing Ring , Floyd Mayweather Jr. Always Finds A Way To Pull Off A WIN In His Boxing Corner!!". We Personally Think, that Floyd Mayweather Jr. & His BLESSED Boxing Team Will Make PRO Boxing Hall Of Fame as One Of the All-Time Greats, Legends in Welterweight Boxing Division. But His Career will always Be in Question Unless He Could Validate His Phenomenal Boxing Career with a Victory Over Our National Treasure, Our Congressman REP.Manny "Pac Man"D. Pacquiao,& NIKE Team "Pac Man"D. Pacquiao. "To Settle Once & For All Who Truly Is Pound-4-Pound People's Champ!!!". "More Important, Who Truly Is The Very Best There Is, The Very Best There Was, The Very Best There Ever Will Be!!". "With RESPECT TO "Pretty Boy" FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR. & TEAM Floyd Mayweather Jr., Congressman REP.Manny "Pac Man"D. Pacquiao was a Non-Factor In 1996-1999 When You Were DOMINATING WBC/WBO Welterweight PRO Boxing Division Because OUR National HERO, CURRENT/DEFENDING CONGRESSMAN REP. & NATIONAL TREASURE AT THE TIME WAS COMPETING FOR WBC PRO BOXING TITLES AT SUPER FLYWEIGHT, SUPER BANTAMWEIGHT BOXING DIVISION,& WBC LIGHTWEIGHT DIVISION VERSUS Mr. DAVID DIAZ!!!"."WE GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!, Current/Defending WBC Welterweight Champion, "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is A PHENOMENAL FIGHTER WITH TREMENDOUS FIGHTING SKILL & DEFENSIVE ABILITY, BUT WITH ALL DUE RESPECT NEEDS TO SHOW, EXEMPLIFY RESPECT PRIMARILY TO THE MAN WHO INTRODUCED HIM TO BOXING & BROUGHT HIM INTO THIS PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE & GOD BLESSED BLUE-COLLAR WORKING WORLD, MR. FLOYD MAYWEATHER SR.,& ALWAYS RESPECT BOXING LEGENDS, AMAZING ANNOUNCERS, AMAZING BOXING HISTORIANS, MR. LARRY MERCHANT. "Because With All Due Respect, To "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather Jr. & "Pretty Boy", Money Team,& Big Show from WWE.com "You Will REST IN PEACE!"--Mark Calloway,(The UNDERTAKER & Congressman REP.Manny "Pac Man"D.Pacquiao, NIKE Team "Pac Man"D. Pacquiao, & SON Of GOD, Clifford L.Virador). "TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!".=)

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