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    Saturday, June 4, 2011

    Shaquille O'neal Voted As Top 5 Player Of All Time In The NBA

    For me Shaquille O'neal is one of the best big man in the NBA in the Center category alone and not in the whole of NBA, but it appeared in a poll which is found in NBA.com that Shaq is included in the Top 5 player of the NBA of all time. The Top 5 list of players in the NBA includes Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson and Shaquille O'neal? Do you agree with this one?

    I saw how great Shaq is. He once dribbled the ball from one end of the court to another end just like a point guard and then he dunked the ball in the basket. He stands 7'1 yet he was able to bring the ball up in several instances. For me that's his greatest act that could give him the Top 5 player accolade. Shaq has also won 4 NBA world championships, 3 with LA and 1 with Miami. For several years he was also the most dominant big man in the NBA. In all of his 19 years in the NBA he used his talent, strength, power, and size to over power his opponents. He drew some comparisons with Wilt Chamberlain as the most dominant player in the NBA during his prime. For 5 season he held that status. Even with the influx of young big men in the NBA, such as Andrew Bynum and Greg Oden, Shaq still held the fort against these guys. His rookie season was way better than their's. Shaq won the rookie of the year award in 1992 and he won an MVP award in 1999.

    Here are the awards that he won over his 19 year career in the NBA. I got these from Wikipedia.
    O'Neal's individual accolades include the 1999–2000 MVP award, the 1992–93 NBA Rookie of the Year award, 15 All-Star game selections, three All-Star Game MVP awards, three Finals MVP awards, two scoring titles, 14 All-NBA team selections, and three NBA All-Defensive Team selections. He is one of only three players to win NBA MVP, All-Star game MVP and Finals MVP awards in the same year (2000); the other players are Willis Reed in 1970 and Michael Jordan in 1996 and 1998. He ranks 5th all-time in points scored, 5th in field goals, 12th in rebounds, and 7th in blocks.

    Shaq is also a great movie actor and a role model to the youth. He's the only player in the NBA who achieved a Masteral Degree from the University of Louisiana. For me, the reason why he's voted as one of the Top 5 players in NBA by the masses goes beyond what is written in the books because when you look at Shaq you'll see a player who knows how to dominate and most importantly he knows when to dominate. He dominated in situation wherein you as a fan will remember for the rest of your life. When you here the name of Shaq, you'll imaging him as one of the richest guys in NBA and as a person who has charisma. It's very rare for a center as tall as Shaq who knows how to goof around making others feel good and making them feel that they have his back. Oh wait, let's watch this video first.

    After watching that video, enough has been said. He really belongs in the Top 5 players of all time. He's the most versatile big man that the NBA has ever seen. Wilt Chamberlaine and Dwight Howard can't dribble the ball as well as Shaq did. With that alone, I really believe that he belongs in the Top 5 greatest players of all time. The list will of course change as time goes by but for now, Shaq should be there. I really want to see Shaq as a commentator. I bet the NBA will be merrier with Shaq being part of the NBA media.

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