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    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    Dallas Mavericks Beat Miami Heat In Game 5 NBA Finals 2011 To Lead The Series 3-2

    For the 2nd straight game the Dallas Mavericks has won the game via a come from behind fashion using their great outside shooting anchored on a 62.5 field goal shooting which came mostly from their two big guns, Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry. Dirk made some great inside and outside shots on the way to having 29 points in this game. Jason "The Jet" Terry on the other hand spread his flaps. He went out flying as he scored 21 big points to help his teammate, Dirk in scoring. They were the ones who were responsible for that great field goal shooting en route to beating the Heat in this all important game 5, 112-103. As a consequence, they are now one win away, 3 games to 2, from capturing the 2010-2011 NBA Finals trophy. But the problem is, the Heat will have home court advantage from now on as they will host the last 2 games in South Beach.

    Going into this game, LeBron James has been struggling in his scoring. He's been on a slump and so the Heat, led by their Coach, Erik Spoelstra made the some adjustments with regard to James situation. He decided to put LeBron on the post. He wanted LeBron to take more inside shots like Karl Malone. Initially the plan was shaping to be a good plan but in the last 8 minutes of the 4th quarter, their plan was foiled. Dallas just tripple-teamed LeBron and that's the end of that plan. He however had a double-double game but in the pay-off quarter, he failed to deliver. He only had 2 points in the 4th quarter. His bad decisions and bad plays in the 4th quarter overshadowed his good performance from the first quarter up to the 4th quarter. I just feel for LeBron James. All his life he's been facing a hostile crowd that doesn't seem to like him. That's the biggest challenge the he needs to overcome. That's not a mark of a future legend. A legend is someone you hate at first instance especially if you're against him but when you see how he silently works just to get a win, in the end you'll respect him for who he is. When I look at LeBron, he doesn't have that charisma that will make him more endearing to people. He needs to change his attitude if he wants to be legendary because legends have the unique ability to draw people closer together. I saw some legends like Allen Iverson. He's tattooed all over but people from all walks of life and from all races love him. That should be the mentality of LeBron James.

    LeBron's 4th quarter woes has been the primary suspect why they lost in their last 2 games. Wade and Bosh are playing good. In this game Wade had 23 points and Bosh added 19 points. James is the weakest link in this game. In fact, Mario Chalmers had to take more shots than the usual just to cover up James' absence. Chalmers showed that he can also score much like what he did in the NCAA National Championship for Kansas. In this game Chalmers made several three point shots including a half court heave in the first quarter that gave them the lead. He had 15 points in this game. He led the bench scoring for the Heat. The Heat had a better bench scoring in this game compared to Dallas. The Heat had 22 bench points while Dallas only had 19 bench points. They also had more rebounds than Dallas, but they can't just match Dallas' excellent three point shooting. Dallas shot 13 out of 19 shots from the three point line. The Heat's hot defense can't extinguish the Dallas' hot shooting.

    To sum it all up, the whole story of this game revolves around this, Dallas' offense overcame the Heat's defense. They just can't see the light out of the tunnel because Dirk is out there blocking the light.

    Dallas is now one win away from the title. Game 6 will be on Sunday, American Time and on Monday, Philippine Time. I'm sure that Dallas will go all out on Monday because they don't want to take this series up to game 7 because the Heat is tougher to beat in their home court.

    Here's the replay video highlights of game 5 between Dallas and Miami courtesy of YouTube:

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