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    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Manny Pacquiao 's Rap Song For Pacquiao-Mosley Fight Made By Rick Ross

    Rick Ross, a well known rapper and businessman has agreed to make a rap song for Pacquiao's entry in the ring. When Rick Ross enters the ring with Manny Pacquiao, that will be the first ever thing to happen in boxing. A world reknown rapper singing for the greatest boxing fighter in the world. Rick Ross' team was the one who composed this rap song entitled as Pac Man. Pill also collaborated with Ross in doing this song. It's based from Ross' identical experiences in life with Pacquiao. He also started with nothing but with the help of his mom he became what he is destined to be. They both worked things out with patience as their guiding force. The song will be out this May 2011 prior to the Pacquiao-Mosley fight on May 7, 2011.

    One line in the song that I like is, "Pac Man do this for your Mama."

    Here's the most talked about rap song for the Manny Pacquiao versus Shane Mosley fight on May 7, 2011.

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