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    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    Georges St. Pierre Wins Against Jake Shields Via Unanimous Decision In UFC 129 Main Fight

    Let's face the fact, this fight is quite boring compared to that of Machida and Couture. Couture was just too old for Machida but nonetheless the fight was so intense and both fighters went all in unlike the main event fight, Georges St. Pierre versus Jake Shields which is quite boring according to my friends. The blows that Shields took were just superficial.

    Shields was the first one to attack and GSP countered with a leg kick. Shields was able to get hold of GSP and he took him down. GSP tried to stay up using two back spin kicks that hit the leg of Shields. He then followed up with a jab that shook Shields. Shields countered with his own jabs but GSP is just too powerful. GSP used a superman punch and then he used a combo kick on Shields' stomach. The round ended with GSP having the upper hand.

    In the 4th round Shields came out fighting. He's too aggressive and it enabled GSP to take him down. GSP launched some ground breaking jabs. Shields tried to punch back but GSP just dusted them off. Shields looks stupid for a while. GSP threw a left punch that landed on Shields' face. He then used some kicks to add some torture. At the end of the 3rd Shields gained some confidence because he saw GSP's nose bleeding and his left eye is as red as a tomato.

    In the final round Shields' sensed that he's down in the score card and so he attacked first. GSP countered with his patented flying kick and then he used a short punch. Shields was staggering. But shields threw a point blank punch that aggravated GSP's bleeding nose. GSP didn't mind his nose instead he threw some puches until the end of the fight.

    The GSP versus Shields fight ended in a unanimous decision that favored GSP. GSP has just put an end to Shields' 15 fight winning streak that started in 2004. GSP now has a 9 fight winning streak. He hadn't lost a fight since 2008.

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