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    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. Praised Manny Pacquiao But He Instead Attacked Bob Arum

    Manny Pacquiao has gotten all the respect coming from people of different races. Whether you’re black or white, you got to love the Pac-man. He’s being admired by many not only because he’s the best pound for pound boxing champion and a congressman but most importantly because he’s the ambassador of God. Strangely enough, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has also become an admirer of Manny Pacquiao after years of hating on him. Floyd said in an interview on FightHype.com:

    “I have nothing against Manny Pacquiao,”
    The issue between these two boxing giants started when Floyd Mayweather asked Manny Pacquiao to undergo a random drug testing. This made Manny’s camp disappointed about Mayweather’s actions. Their fight has already been planned but it didn’t happen due to personal matters between these two boxers. Now that Manny has new plans after beating Mosley, the Mayweather bout may just be his next mission.

    After going against Manny Pacquiao afterwards praising him, Mayweather is now going against Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum of Top Rank Promotions. Mayweather said:

    “It's like when I was with Bob Arum, I was the greatest fighter,” said Mayweather, whose fights are now being promoted by GBP. “When I was with Bob Arum, ‘Floyd Mayweather was just a great fighter, he's the best thing we seen… At some people, he's even better.’”
    Mayweather, who remains unbeaten in 41 fights, things turned different when he decided to man his own business.
    “All of a sudden, when I was doing my own business, when I was being my own man… they say I’m a ducking fighter,” he added. “’Floyd Mayweather is scared of this fighter and that fighter. But the only fighters they said I was scared of, they were all promoted by Top Rank.”

    Bob Arum immediately sent a reply to Mayweather’s expose. Arum said:

    “He can’t target Manny so he goes after me, the old fart. I’m an easier target in and out of the ring,” the Top Rank honcho said.”

    Several things are happening in the world of boxing and we can’t seem to get enough of it. Let’s just watch how Mayweather’s interview went out. Here’s how the interview of Floyd Mayweather Jr. admiring Pacquiao and hating on Arum. The video is courtesy of fighthype.com. Just click on the link.

    Mayweather Interview.

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