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    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Adidas BLUFF New Shoes Philippines: Adidas Gave It To Me

    The famous Canadian shoe company has collaborated with Adidas in making this shoe, the Adidas Bluff by Adidas Originals. This shoe is indeed a high-end one.

    It's made of pure fine leather all over its external portion. It adds comfort whenever you take a long walk such as when you stroll in the mall or in the park. With a twist of sophistication and laid back style you can also use this shoe when you go out in formal gatherings. It also has metal eyelets for a more convenient lacing process.

    This shoe is available in 4 colors: dark tan, light brown, leather blue, and white leather.

    This shoe has a very soft leather cushioning all over and it has a soft foot padding for more comfort when you walk.

    It also has a thick and durable out sole so don't worry because it will worn out fast. When you look at the outer sole closely you'll see some spiral marks. These marks are for better flexibility and foot mobility.

    The back portion of this shoe has a patented Adidas Bluff emblem along with the Adidas Trefoil mark on its rear side.

    This shoe costs 5,295 pesos in the Philippines and you can buy it in these following stores.

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