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    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    NFL Draft: Panthers To Draft Cam Newton As Number 1 Overall

    The Panthers are going all in as they will try to draft one of the most exciting football players in the college ranks. They will get Cam Newton, a standout from the Auburn University. He is AU's ace quarterback. He will be drafted as the Number 1 pick of the Panthers.

    Several sport scribes consider this draft move as a risky one because based on NFL's history, 4 out of 10 quarterbacks that were drafted as the top pick have only become premier play makers. Those 4 are Michael Vick, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning and Carson Palmer. That is a low success rate.

    But should we consider Newton as the exception. He has been a champion all throughout his college career. He won the prestigious Heisman Trophy, and he's considered as a BCS championship-winning quarterback in college. He is known as the one who supercharge the sagging world of College Football last 2010 using his speed in running, game winning heroics and stylish passing.

    He has been scandalized by many haters. They assert that he's a thief and that his father asked for a play for money deal worth 180,000 dollars for AU.

    He has done 20 crucial touchdowns for Auburn University. A critic of Newton, Charles Davis said:
    "You're talking about a guy who didn't play anything conventional like what you're planning on doing in the NFL. A guy whose production on the Division I level, as astounding as it was, was only one year. There are issues in the past he has to clear up from the Daddy issue to the academic issues at Florida to the laptop."

    But Despite all the controversies, the Panthers' new head coach, Ron Rivera is hyped up for Newton's inevitable arrival on his team.

    Here's how Cam Newton plays.

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