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    Saturday, April 2, 2011

    Chris Tiu Smart Gilas ' Social Reformer and Philanthropist

    Basketball players are usually the victims of social labeling. People, especially those who are not close to them just think that they are just regular players who only know one thing which is to play basketball. Basketball here in the Philippines is a bit underrated. For the majority of Filipinos, basketball just demands physical giftedness and not spiritual, social and mental prowess. When people see basketball players play on the streets and on the court, they always say, "He's just tall that's why he became a successful player." But that notion was revolutionized by an Atenean, who came to be known by many as a well-rounded person. His name is Chris Tiu. He's just your typical 5'10 shooting guard but don't take him lightly.

    When you look at Chris Tiu as a basketball player, you would think that his whole life has revolved around basketball because of how great he plays the sport. But, we are fooled. When you try to revisit his younger days up to his college days you will know that he is more than a basketball player. He had his elementary and high school education in Xavier School which is one of the country's best academic institution. He is good in math and thus he took up Management engineering in the Ateneo. He graduated with honors while being a full pledge King Eagle. Imagine joggling both academics and sports at the same time while maintaining his high grades, that's just incommensurable. I personally look up to Chris Tiu and LA Tenorio. They were my college heroes when I was in my grade school days. I've been watching and following them since their UAAP days.

    Good in academics and good in sports, but wait, Chris Tiu has one more feather to place on his tall hat. He is also a philanthropist. He also gives back to the poor people in the society. If I'm not mistaken he has a foundation. I'd also like to promote his advocacies that's why I'm writing this short article. He's an advocate of hunger eradication in the Philippines. He is definitely committed into not just being a role model but also a hands on helper to the less fortunate. Hopefully Chris would inspire many of us to be like him. In the Ateneo they call this good acts of Chris as Magis. In Philosophy it's called transcendence. I look up to you Chris!

    I'll support you all the way Chris Tiu. His new advocacy was to give a free feeding program to the poor. Here's his new campaign.

    Just follow these steps and you'll be one with Chris in pushing in for the benefit of your fellow Filipinos.


    kriska said...

    he is a good basketball plAYER...

    Mintiscool06 said...

    Hi Kriska! Me too. :)

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