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    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    A Young Basketball Prodigy Gets Free NBA All-Star 2011 Ticket From Ellen DeGeneres

    The NBA All-Star 2011 in Los Angeles, California later this February is the biggest event in the basketball world. Many people from all walks of life want to watch the All-Star game live because it is only in that game where you will see the greatest basketball players play in a single game. To get hold of a ticket for that game is such a hard thing to do but some people are just lucky.

    Last January 11, 2011 a young basketball player, who is just in 6th grade, who can definitely be called a prodigy appeared in ellen. He showed his uncanny dribbling skills and his well-rounded personality. Ellen was very glad that she met him. At such a young age this boy knows hard work and discipline which are very important in basketball. After showing his dribbling skills Ellen surprised him with an NBA All-Star ticket and she said that he will get to show his mad skills in the half time break of the said game. That made the boy smile.

    Here's the video of the said surprise from YouTube:

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