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    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    PowerBalance Says Their Wristbands Are Scam: You Can Ask For A Refund If You Bought Original PowerBalance

    PowerBalance bracelets are the dark horses in the sports and athletics market. Combining style and scientific facts they have reached the level that the Nike Ballerbands have reached. People who loves sports and health have purchased a PowerBalance for their own disposal. It was made famous by some famous sports personalities in the likes of Shaquille O'neal, Carlos Boozer and Tiger Woods. But with great fame comes great criticisms and intensified speculations regarding its credibility. So much so that there came a time that the manufacturers of the PowerBalance wristbands and bracelets themselves questioning its effectiveness. They themselves say that
    "there's no credible scientific evidence that supports [their] claims and therefore [they] engaged in misleading conduct."

    To further enlighten regarding the truth behind the PowerBalance, here is the official statement coming from the makers of PowerBalance bracelets:

    In our advertising we stated that Power Balance wristbands improved your strength, balance and flexibility.
    We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims and therefore we engaged in misleading conduct in breach of s52 of the Trade Practices Act 1974.
    If you feel you have been misled by our promotions, we wish to unreservedly apologise and offer a full refund.

    This manufacturer's official statement was published in Australian media. They had to do this because of the constant clamour of the consumer associations all over Europe regarding the effectiveness and credibility of the wristbands and bracelets. Many of their clients have been thinking that PowerBalance's claim that the hologram sticker in the inner-middle portion of the bracelets can't be a source of strength and cure for certain illnesses in old age. Their suspicions appeared to be true because the manufacturers themselves admitted the bogus claims -that the metal in the hologram sticker creates vibrations that are like in the universe, and fraud that they committed.

    PowerBalance is simply magical. True to the level of illusion and imagination. But let's all look at the brighter side, those who were victimized can still recover damages through refund.

    Australia has never been easy to this kinds of companies who sell bracelets. Australia doesn't think twice in removing these kinds of companies. The USA should also act like that so that their people's welfare would be protected.

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