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    Tuesday, December 28, 2010

    Gran Turismo 5 Review and Specification: Racing Sport Game At Its Best

    Sony PS3 has launched one of its biggest surprises at the end of the year 2010, the Gran Turismo 5. It is a massive type of sports video game. It has numerous new features and it has many modifications and improvements from the previous ones. The graphics has changed from 3d to 4d. See the above picture. It is one of Sony's premier sports racing video game.

    Some of the improvements that Sony in partnership with Polyphony Digital have made are: the load times, wherein they cut short the loading time in this new GT 5. You can easily plug and play in this brand new version of Gran Turismo. And, remember the very elusive track, the Nuremberg Track, in this new GT5, a video game player can race around the Nuremberg track several times unlike before.

    If you want some eyecandy action, GT 5 will give it to you as it has behind the scenes videos or car productions and other videos on how to properly look and rate cars. The main menu of GT 5 also gives you several options and modes such as the GT Mode, GT Arcade, GT TV, and Course Maker. But there is a downside in this kind of menu. It is so intricate that it will take you several trials before you can navigate smoothly the system.

    The GT Mode is where you can see the prices of the cars that you would want to use. The menu will provide two ways on how to buy a car, either buying it directly from the dealer or buying a used car lot.

    The physics and simulation in GT 5 is awesome. The Dualshock 3 works very well for control. The GT 5 has the best tracks and courses ever. Cars will be broken into pieces once they hit the wall hard. There is also a rain effect wherein the cars will lose control if they are not paced properly by the player.

    There are new events that are provided in GT 5. Mario Kart like racing is present, and you can create custom races for up to maximum of 16 racers.

    The soundtrack consists of smooth jazz, riff heavy rock tunes, punk and classical. You can also upload your own tracks if you want.

    The overall rating of this sports video game is 8.8. It comes from sports video gamers all over the world.

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