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    Saturday, December 4, 2010

    Athletes Weight Loss Secrets and Medications For Better Figure And Better Performance on The Floor

    An athletes needs to be fit and sexy for them to reach their ultimate playing potential. But losing weight and maintaining a fitter figure is not easy especially when their appetite calls for more food. When their season is fast approaching they have to lose weight faster. Some of their ways are healthy diet and exercise but they themselves are self-confessing that those are not efficient ways to lose those unwanted body fats.

    They are athletes and they must be fit without sacrificing their source of energy which is eating foods that are full of energy giving vitamins and minerals. But they have to compromise their figure. That is the sad part of storing energy in their supposed to be active and fit bodies. They gain some and they have to burn that out. But at the end of the day they will have to replenish those things that they release from their bodies. That's why some of those athletes seek the opinions of the school doctors and they are asking for some safe weight loss medications.

    Doctors usually prescribe the following medicines. They say that they are safe and that they will not affect the athletes performance on the court because they need to be fit and sexy so that they will feel lighter and quicker on the floor.

    1. The first thing that they will recommend to the athletes is to drink plenty of water. Water will act as a balancer of the body. It will remove unwanted chemicals and fats from the body. The doctors will say that you should drink at least eight cups of water a day. And if an athlete thinks that he has sweat a lot he should drink water for every 15 minutes so as to further carry the unwanted fats outside the body when one perspires and release body chemicals through sweat.

    You can check if you had an efficient perspiration and that you already loss some unwanted body fats, when you urinate. You must have a very clear urine and not a yellowish smelly urine.

    But the negative side of drinking too much water is that you cut down your calorie intake and calories are source of energy that boost your performance on the court.

    2. Eat less meat and eat more fruits and vegetables. This would give you more energy and less fat on your body. Perhaps per week, eat only 3 full meals wherein there's meat and the rest dedicate them to eating more fruits and vegetables.

    3. Take Appetite Suppressants such as ionamin, fastin and adipex. Each of these three promotes weight loss in a seemless way by fooling the body, making it believe and feel that it is not hungry and that you're full. The good thing is that they have glucose and other energy giving minerals so that you can still perform at your peak. or ionamin promote weight loss by tricking the body into believing that it is not hungry or that it is full.

    But there are negative effects in using these pills. You'll experience anxiety, dry mouth and insomia. There are meant to be used in a short term depending on the prescription of your doctor.

    4. You can also take Cerebral stimulants such as Plegine, Bontril and Didrex. These three are also appetite suppressants.

    But they have greater side effects such as psychotic episodes and increase heart beat rate. They are also very addictive.

    5. And finally, you can take Fat-absorption inhibitors such as Meridian and Xenical. They work well because they prevent your body to break down fats from what you eat. They will remain as unabsorbed fats and they will be released through boweling. It is also cheap as Xenical in the Philippines cost only 45 pesos per pack.

    The negative side is that you will experience more gas release when you have bowel movements as this is the way Xenical removes the unwanted fats in your body.

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