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    Tuesday, November 9, 2010

    Watch Online Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito Fight November 2010

    The most awaited fight of Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito will happen later this year, on the second week of November. That will be on the 13th US Time and 14th on the Philippine time. It will be held at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium located in Texas.

    Here's the live streaming of the most awaited boxing match:


    Stream 1

    Stream 2 | Stream 3


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    To give us a clear idea on how Manny should fight Antonio Margarito, I compiled the videos of their best fights.

    Since most of us are already familiar with the fighting style of Manny I will first review the fights of Antonio Margarito. Margarito has a height and reach advantage over Manny.

    Here's the first video highlights of Antonio Margarito:

    From what I saw, Antonio Margarito is a boody puncher. Manny's agility and thin physique will help him dodge Antonio's body shots.Plus pacman has strong body armor. Margarito's arms are too slow tohit pacman's head. Also, Antonio's chin is too long like that of Hatton. I bet there will be a lot of jumping upper cuts on his long chin. Expect a knockout.

    In this second video:

    I saw how Antonio beat Miguel Cotto, it was because of his handspeed. Cotto's strong defense wasn't successful in stopping Margarito's flicker jabs. It's not the impact of his jabs but its the volume of his leechlike punches that slithers on Cotto's gloves that halted Cotto to the point that he can no longer counter Antonio's jabs. It's very clear that Antonio relies on his flicker jabs and handspeed.

    Let's now go on Manny's fight videos:

    I am speechless. All I can say about Manny is that he's a monster! He can beat anybody on the ring. With his size he can maneuver from one side of the ring to another. He's also quick and agile. He can definitely dodge the flicker jabs of Antonio. He will just look very awful with Manny beating him badly on the ring. He's too slow for Manny. In terms of height and reach advantage, I don't think that it will materialize on Manny.

    This is the most likely thing to happen in their match:

    It will once again be a knockout!

    Go Manny!

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