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    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    Cain Velazquez Beats Brock Lesnar To The Ground UFC 121 Fight

    In his blockbuster match against Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez wasn't the favorite to win the match.

    Many people say he was too small to fight Brock Lesnar but he proved to all of them that if you have the will and the right strategy in a fight it doesn't matter whether you're big or small. You can still pull off a win or perhaps an upset. That's what he did.

    In their showdown in the UFC 121 main event Saturday night which was held at the Honda Center, despite his weight disadvantage of 20 pounds to Brock Lesnar Cain was able to stop an initial charge coming from the 6-3, 265 pounder Brock to take him down on the canvass and he was able to knock him out down, and then finished him off with a heavy facial blow in the first round to win the UFC heavyweight championship.

    Despite his shameful loss, Brock Lesnar was very humbled when he said,“I expected nothing less,” “He’s a great fighter. What can I say? He was better than me tonight.”

    With Cain's win he just became the first UFC fighter from Mexico to win a major heavyweight championship in combat sports. He improves to 9 win 0 loss while Brock Lesnar falls to 5 wins and 2 loss.

    The gigantic crowd at the Honda Center was on a standing ovation before the start of the most awaited fight and theyr remained that way for the most parts of the fight.

    Here's what happened on their match from UFC.COM:

    Lesnar attacked with a takedown attempt immediately, but Velasquez met it with a flurry of punches. Lesnar eagerly fired back and even shot off a flying knee, and the crowd erupted. With less than 30 seconds of frantic action gone, Lesnar got his takedown, but Velasquez shot up quickly. Lesnar immediately bulled his foe into the fence and got another takedown, but Velasquez got up almost immediately and bloodied Lesnar’s face with more shots. At the 2:53 mark, Velasquez scored with a takedown of his own, and amazingly the crowd got even louder. Lesnar made it back to his feet, but his balance was off and Velasquez took advantage with more accurate blows that sent Lesnar scrambling face first to the mat. The champion weathered the initial storm, but after getting up again, Velasquez made sure he was not to be denied, as he dropped Lesnar again. This time, the humble kid from San Jose finished what he had started years ago on a wrestling mat, and after a barrage of strikes, referee Herb Dean halted the bout at the 4:12 mark and Cain Velasquez began a new reign atop the heavyweight division.

    Here's the video of their fight from YouTube:

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