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    Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    Dez Bryant Food Tab/Bill Problem: 55,000 Dollars

    It was a very cold season in the United States of America when the Dallas Cowboys' big time football players who are all veterans asked their rookie star reciever Dez Bryant to do some initiation rituals of NFL Teams such as carrying their heavy shoulder pads. The heart to follow and learn from the experiences of his veteran teamates weren't there for Dez Bryant. He became a deviant rookie. And as a consequence, his veteran teamate Roy Williams who has grown angry at him due to his overwhelming swagger said to him " someday you'll pay the price for not obeying us. When that time comes I will be extra hungry and thirsty."

    The price came when his teamates asked Dez Bryant to treat them out for dinner as the replacement for not helping them carry their heavy pads. Unknowingly, Bryant succumb to their lewd designs. He's not aware of the evil plan that his teamates have for him.

    Dinner treat came and it was held at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse. One of the famous steakhouse abroad. To cut the story short he paid a whopping $55,000. Up to now he doesn't know where to get or how to generate that amount considering he has more important things to prioritize.

    It amounted to 55,000 dollars because Williams invited several hungry souls just to eat voraciously and just to make a huge food bill for Dez. The exact bill was $54,896. Many of them even got extra bottles of wine aside from the regular dinner.

    David Wells, Dez' financial adviser said that "they (his teamates) got him."

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