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    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    James Yap PBA MVP 2010 Parin Kahit Problemado

    Its very hard to accomplish things especially if a person's life is very problematic. There are many problems but the most detrimental and damaging is when it involves our family and love ones because they are our source of strength. This is true to us regular persons but what more if you're a professional basketball player like James Yap?

    Several professional basketball players have failed to maintain their good professional standing after they've experienced family problems such as divorce or annulment from marriage. To name a few who have faltered, they're Chris Webber whose performance in their finals game against his Sacramento kings days, Ramon Fernandez our very own PBA great and Rolando Navarreta one of the best boxers that we've ever produced also succumb to the powers of women during his hay days even committing several marriages that's why he went bankrupt and he even bacame so lame and weak.

    But this time our very own James Yap has proven that an athletes whose body and mind is strong due to the everyday training can indeed withstand all the pressures and problems in life as long as one's goal is ever present in his mind he can remain focus and strong despite mind-boggling problems.

    Our hardcourt hero James Yap has won the MVP twice in the PBA Leo Awards. And he surely proves that impossible is nothing if you will just focus. Making excuses won't help a man improve and prosper. He has all the reasons to take a leave in the PBA because of his problems with the queen of all media, Kris Aquino but he refuses to succumb to the problem instead he increased his intensity and in the end he went on to win his second MVP award.

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