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    Friday, June 25, 2010

    Affordable Sports Gears Shops in The Philippines

    If you're a basketball player and you want to take your game to the next level you would like to have gears that will increase your athleticism and quickness on the court.

    Some of these gears are the ankle supports, elbow sleeve like those of Allen Iverson and Ray Allen, knee supports like those of Dwyane Wade, you can buy them in the Philippines.

    There are many sports shops and sports outlets in the Philippines that offer affordable prizes compared to other sports outlets.

    There are two outlets in the Philippines where you can buy sports gears such as elbow sleeves, elbow support, ankle support/s, and knee supports from your thigh down your calf like Dwyane Wade. The first is the sportswarehouse outlet in libis, qc. It is located at Libis near Shopwise. It is near the famous leisure place for Ateneans wherein they can play any sports, the Club 650. There is a Sports Warehouse branch at the right side of the club. To go to Libis, ride a jeepney going to Philcoa and look for FX that has a c5 Libis ride and there you go. It's always 20-30 percent off on all their products.

    The other outlet is the sportsbasic shop at divisoria centermall. It is at the south west perimeter of the mall. you can buy gears from this shop with almost half the prize because of their clearance sales that is held twice a month.

    Here are some pictures of the gears that these two shops offer for their customers: elbow support 300-400 pesos, insoles for a higher jump cost 200-300 pesos only, knee support 250-300 pesos, ankle supports 500-600 pesos per pair, and elbow sleeve 300-350 pesos.

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