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    Monday, May 31, 2010

    One on One Basketball

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    One on one background:

    If basketball itself is a complete physical exercise more so is one on one basketball. One on one basketball demands the full use of one's basketball skills. A one on one player must use all his skills: dribbling, shooting, defensive and on court hustle, just to elude his sticky and pesky defender. No one will bail him out because he has no teamates. He has to rely on himself if he wants to win over his opponent. In short, he has to be a great defender and a great offensive player at the same time if he wants to win. In the next paragraphs I will tackle important aspects that would help a player win his one on one game.

    A. Pre-game

    A player needs to strengthen his bones and has to hydrate himself 3-4 hours before the game. To strengthen your bones, you have to drink fresh milk or if you don't like drinking milk you can always take in calcium thru multivitamins or much better if you will take calcium food supplements such caltrate plus or calci-aid. I assure you that you will feel that your bones are in tact if you will take calcium supplements. For the hydration part, it is better if you will drink 6-7 glasses of water before you sleep at night and one glass of water in the morning 3-4 hours before your game or for that one last glass of water 3-4 hours before your game drink gatorade because it has electrolytes to keep you energetic throughout the course of your game.

    B. Knowing your opponent

    If your opponent is taller than you, make sure that during the warm-ups you take atleast 8 perimeter shots because they will come in handy especially because you can't solely rely on your inside game for the simple reason that he's taller than you. If your opponent is shorter than you, make less dribbling and pound the ball inside. Make him feel your body. Post him up and make him foul you.

    C. Dribbling skills

    It is very important if you're playing one on one basketball to keep your dribble very very low and it is very important if you can dribble using both your left and right hands alternately. The nature of one on one basketball is tight defense. Each of you will close out on each other and so, the cross-over dribble will be very useful during game proper. Make use of also ball fakes and hesitation dribbles to make your opponent guessing.

    D. Shooting skills

    A lean in jumper or a tear drop shot would come in handy if your opponent is bigger, taller and more athletic than you are. If you've gone pass the defense of your opponent who's taller than you make sure that you finish with both hand because he can swipe the ball from your back. When ever you watch antawn jamison play, he's not that tall but he still can score in front of taller defenders. Here's why. Watch this video: here is a compilation of those players who uses the tear drop and lean in jumpers to shy away from the tall blockers.

    E. Defensive skills

    In defending your opponent make sure that you stay low. Your knees and shoulder are parallel with each other. Move by using your body and feet together and not by your feet alone. The essence of defending is to make your opponent feel your presence, your body to make it difficult for him to move around the court.

    F. Additional reminders:

    1. Tie your shoe laces very well.
    2. Look at the body of your opponet when he's about to make a move. Don't look on his eyes because they are deceiving. The body don't lie.
    3. Bring a towel for your hands to keep it dry and to keep your handles tight.
    4. Bring some of your fans to make you feel good and loose and not tight.

    That's all folks! Bring home the bacon!

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